I do not mean to talk against anyone’s beloved image BUT, the DNA results are in and today’s crowd is in an uproar. YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! Shocking discovery. After many years of people worshiping images of God, and even the Son recent DNA results say. THIS IS 100% NOT THE FATHER OR THE SON!

The world can say Hallelujah! Many are shocked and sadden by these facts. Some even still claim this image as their dad, or even a savior, but studies show this is just an image painted a couple hundred years ago. The studio now has fully accepted they can not identify the Father, neither find one image of the Son. The studio has come to the conclusion, no more DNA test will be taken, and they have fully decided to not follow any more rumors about said images either..

For in the time frame people were created, or the savior came no cameras were even around. Shocking information much of the world is not yet willing to come to terms yet. We at the studio have decided there will be no further investigation. Please stay tuned for our next episode here at the Maury Show for more shocking discovery!


Food For Thought

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