Worth fighting for

Some things are worth fighting for. and a lot of people fight for the wrong things.  I noticed if I am going to fight let it be for meaning. I will fight for love. I don’t mean beat people up. I mean through good times, through bad times, We will stick together. We can work this out. There is an answer. I always believe this. Only it takes two with the same mentality to achieve this. Life is not easy. Relationships are not easy. Most people’s lives are not easy. Things can be solved if people talk. If both listen. There will be good times and hard times. Love is worth fighting for.


Some people go a whole life never finding love. Some people won’t ever know they are loved or had love until after it is gone. This is a sad fact because people’s idea of love is not what it once was.  People use to stick together not always, but more then they do now. They did not run at the first problem.   Most men would of said that is not manly .  Only cowards run away. but this generation is taught to leave the first time things go wrong. If things ain’t right run away. Don’t work on anything. Take the easy path always.


And the easy path is never the right path, it seems.  To get what you want you have to put your work in. The people who take the easy path end up in jail. Selling drugs is the way, yeah see you in the grave buddy. That is the easy path. Get a job. Go to school, learn something? Go to counseling for my marriage? Why would I? I don’t need you or anybody. The new mentality of the world. And we cry in the dark. and then we say we are happy. Many do this. Because nobody speaks, hey man life is not easy, but somethings are worth fighting for. Food for thought.


We live in a generation with a bunch of quitters, and babies, and people who don’t want to work. and I don’t just mean jobs. They don’t want to work on anything. They want the easy route for everything. A lazy generation.  Regret is a terrible thing. Wait until they all get older and realize they should of fought for something. Just a random thought. Shalom!

Food For Thought

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