We must be love but DO NOT forsake judgement and mercy also. Not to forget, but to bring us back to remembrance for sin on this world is punished, and also eternal! Word to all with ears.I pray the Lord open your ears, your mind and fill it with wisdom and understanding all for the glory of GOD, In God’s Holy name of truth I pray! let it be done LORD Amen!

Create with in us a new heart oh God,a new mind set, a new set of talents. Ones that are pleasing to you God, all for you will be done as it is on earth also in Heaven. For your glory and honor!

You are free from your chains I pray the Lord give us all strength to sin no more and do things pleasing unto God.

Let us be united in Christ as the Body of the LORD, His Living vessels. Ones who speak and do and not for the pleasure of men but for the glory of God.With such we shall have life with our members. I pray the fruits of the Spirit manifest it self into the readers, hearts, mind, and soul in the name of the LORD, I pray Amen!

Breathe these dry vessels new LIFE with in us GOD! Amen! Shalom family in GOD! Also to be said the Body of Christ! #TeamJESUS! #blessings!

Written by Michelle Stokes, To GOD be all the glory!


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