WHOLLY message!

instead of following holiness, we should follow WHOLLYNESS! (probably not a word, but I will explain) We want to WHOLLY serve God my friends!

Many people are taught the holy message. but the message is NOT WHOLE! For most who practice and or preach the holy message forget the part that makes them WHOLLY. They forget the love. They are like the ones who Jesus spoke against. They clean up their outward appearances, but the inside is left full of hate and envy and bitter. These things ought not be!

They spend so much time cleaning up their dressing. Going to Church buildings, doing favor for men’s praises and pleasing words of others, they forget the LOVE, which is not pleasing to GOD.

How can you be WHOLLY and walk around exalted better then others? How can you be WHOLLY and not think of the interest of people? How can you be WHOLLY and not do any good deeds, any kind acts? How can you be WHOLLY and not fashion yourself after Christ?

You know the devil came and put on holy heirs. he loves to be lifted up to make himself known, to walk all over. he lives for the praises of men and he says holy am I, holy am I, I I will be exalted on this earth.

This is not a WHOLLY message. It is impossible to be WHOLLY with out love. I pray many find the meaning of this and we all become WHOLE in Christ! become the new creation in Christ God, always intended us to be. To fulfill His purpose!


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