When I was a child, The Broken heart.

You know I can not control what you do. Nor do I want to. But what I can do is control who I am. I can control who I hangout with. I can control whether or not I allow myself to be in situations. I have legs I can leave. I can walk away. I do not have to be around negativity.
Life is short. Whether it be 80 years, 100, 20 of but a few. Nobody on earth knows the numbers of their days. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I could not stand arguing. I hated it. I still can’t stand it. When I was a kid I could not leave. I had to be around it.
Now I am older and I don’t want to be around it. I found the peace (GOD) in this world, but actually it took God a lot of years to show me. I did so many things. I partied my butt off. I did things that I won’t even speak of anymore, except in private to witness to somebody. But not everybody needs to know your business.
Lately, I been putting a lot of things out there. And I don’t care what others think of me. I know to the lost and broken, to somebody who is really struggling, my words are a life savior. I am not boasting or bragging, by any means. I just know this because I can’t even count the number in my life of how many people have told me such things.
But decades ago, I am sure some others had a lot to say about me that was not good at all, and I indeed can not blame them. For I was a different person. Through God and God alone I changed. It was a lot of hard work. So easy it was to be evil. it was like evil was, as easy as breathing. But in my heart of hearts I knew what I was doing was wrong.
My Mom instilled God into me at a young age. Even my Dad without knowing taught me things biblical. and this is before He knew the LORD, but the LORD knew all of us and my family was raising me on the Word of God statues without some of us evening knowing. Now I read my bible. So many things in my life make sense, and oddly it all lines up to the Word of God perfect.
Long story short I can not judge you. if it was not for God’s mercy and grace I would of been dead I think a million times.   I know sinning comes with hurt, Because I have been down that road before. So instead of me throwing stumbling blocks at you and giving you all these holy messages I decided to put my life out there, and pray it give a lot of people hope to go on and forward in this life. because God is real and in my life I honestly confess, admit and will tell EVERYBODY! God please let the foolishness of my former days to help many people turn to you GOD, a lot sooner then I did! let my past be a witness for you God, of how they should just draw to you as soon as possible.  Find a way God to use it for your glory LORD, in Jesus name Amen!
I totally wish I had surrendered my life over to God so much sooner. I wish I had been reading and applying the Word of God in my whole life. There I said it out loud. Where would I be now if I had just listened sooner? But at the same time I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE LIFE I HAD! because it really showed me WHO GOD IS!
Either way I speak praying some hard headed, knuckle headed, person like me is out there and listening and your tired of crying like I was. Put them tears in God’s lap. Give them to HIM, and say LORD please I need your help! in Jesus name LORD help me! Cry your heart out to GOD, Talk to HIM, tell HIM your problems. YOUR TEARS WILL NOT BE IN VAIN!
God knows each person’s hurt and pain and struggle. and don’t think Jesus died in vain. HE CAME TO MEND THE BROKEN HEART! TO GIVE COMFORT TO THE LOST AND TO THE BROKEN! Run to GOD my friends!  NOT AWAY FROM HIM!
I pray this message be a blessing and help you go forward in life and give you strength to call on GOD, in Jesus name Amen!


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