What you put in you

What you put in you. I was not born holy and neither will i say I am now. Who is holy but God? I do know that when I was out there listening to worldly music. Worldly things is what I did. when my eyes were in darkness so was my whole member. Thank God for my heart though, but even that was hardened a long time ago. God has a way of making us over. Years ago I use to bob my head to all kinds of music. I let that music tell me I was sad without a man. i let the music tell me to turn up and so I did. I let the evil ways of my friends and family turn me into evil my friends. but this was a sad life. i was broken and while others sat in sin, I sat in the closet and started crying to God. I started praying. God spoke turn off that music. After about a week of listening to God music my heart started changing. I found I was in peace. I wanted more and more of this. i started praying more then ever. I started reading my Word. I don’t ever want to go back to that life style and that is truth! i found a peace in God that can not be bought. No man can give it to me, not even my family. Sure they can bring me joy, but when people are filled with bitterness and you are around them that bitterness seems to grow in you also too.
I tell you when I say i don’t want a man, not a husband. although God knows my heart. I am quite content with dying alone friends. i found a peace in God no man, woman or child can steal from me and it is priceless!! I speak for the broken, for the lost, for the hurting. What you put in you matters. Listen to songs about ho’s and thawts, these are the women you will seek. Listen to songs that say you need a man, and any ole man you will receive. then you will write sad songs later. I am so thankful God lead me to God music. It healed my mind and my soul. it is great to listen to praise music. it brings me tears of joy, it wiped away my sadness. With that said I am going to share a few songs that really blessed my heart.
God really wants people who seek God and when you do you might find something to fill that void. God is my Light. My love! my EVERYTHING! <3 <3 i pray God be that for many, in Jesus name I pray Amen! Many will say follow Jesus, I say, start reading your bible. read it whole. read it like a book. meditate in it, study. Do these things for you, and for God, not for a show for people, and not so you can exalt yourself as all knowing and it will be a blessing to your soul. Men and women are empty without God. Whether we admit it or not We are God’s Creation and our lives are much better when we add God into our lives.
God is our missing pieces and perhaps if you let God make you whole you may find your other half. God knows us. I am happy to be at a time in my life where I can dedicate my heart, mind, and time to God. there is no other place I’d rather be!! I know! for I was down all those wayward roads before, and all the did was make me sad and not complete me,but shatter me instead. Thank you God for all my trials, my tribulations, my suffering all these things drew me to God and now I am whole! a priceless thing indeed! better then silver, gold, milk or honey! God is what completes me! and I pray many fill that void in their hearts with God. Shalom dear people!! <3 and thank all of you who read my stuff. I write this not for me, but instead I pray it draw many people to God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is heaven! have a wonderful day friends!
Sorry WordPress I did not insert the songs here. I posted them on facebook!  God bless the reader! Shalom!

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