What if?

What if you were the last person on earth. I want you to imagine this. Imagine you were alone in a group of people. All people looked the same except you. You fit out. Your skin color was different. You were shaped funny. Your skin was marked different.


This group of people that all looked the same and shared all things in common had food. They had shelter. You had nothing. You are naked stranded. You tried to go near them they throw rocks at you. beat you up. Called you names.Would not let you sit with them. Would not let you talk to them.  How would you feel?


I ask the reader to really put some thought into this. We all pretty much want to be with somebody. Companions seems to be a common goal most humans share. Would you want to feel isolated? Would you want to be accepted? If anybody says no. So how do you handle rejection? Most people want to fit in. We crave attention. We yearn it, long for it.


Imagine if you were the outsider. the cast away. the fat person. The black person. The Indian. the Muslim. the Christian. How would you want to be treated if you were the one always rejected? To some they are that person. but many are not. I am certain nobody wants to be that guy. (gal either)


I pray that who ever reads this really put some thought into it. What if you were the guy getting bullied? What if you were in a wheel chair? what if it was you strung out on drugs? Would you want help? Would you want attention? Do you want to be loved? How do you want to be treated? I pray anybody who reads this you really stop and consider some of the things written and put yourself in other’s shoes and treat people how you want to be treated. We have enough bad guys in the world. The world needs leaders and people who are willing to go out there way and make a difference by treating others how they want to be treated. if everyone did this imagine the world we would live in.  Probably not a reality but what a lovely thought! Something to consider! Shalom!



Food For Thought

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