Walking away from bad things

Walking away from bad things. Now I can call all types of sin out, but what would be the point in that? Each of us has something we struggle with. Whether it be struggles. addictions, attitudes, behaviors. Sin is the stuff that holds us back and if it isn’t good it is bad.

I might be some kind of special but when I do wrong, bad things happen and most of it comes with pain and suffering.I myself did not want to stay down and I still don’t. Strive for perfection, that is my goal. I do realize this will be a lifetime goal. For I notice if I ever overcome something, it seems there is still more in me to fix.

Walking away from bad things. Sometimes in life your all by yourself and you consider the things you are doing and know they are wrong. You have to turn away from that stuff. You can not expect a better outcome and hang out in the same crowds. You are going to have to leave your so called friends.

if your friends are holding you back when you are trying to go forward. it isn’t even possible to go forward with them around. I mean you might be able to overcome but that would have to be a super person, and if you had so much might then why are you in the situation.

Learn to walk away from the things that are not good for you. This is where I say lean on Jesus, get in God’s presence start reading your Word, put on music positive. You can do it!

Everyone out there thinks we don’t have a brain, but sometimes you have to put two and two together. Sit down with a pen and paper and put your life in order. Make a list of the things that need changing and the stuff you change mark off as you archive them. When that list gets crossed off make a new one.

You know sometimes when you pray for deliverance, God will send you instructions like this to help you move forward. My answer is and always will be lean on God. The sooner you do this the faster you find the truth about God. God loves and wants us to move forward. So many will say this is not true. That people don’t need a motivational speaker, so ok my question for you, is then, God wants people to die? Or does He want them to live? And would it at all be God could get to someone with simple knowledge?

Anyways long ago I did messages like this and I was called a demon. People said I was forsaking God. They tried to rebuke me. Seriously? So God just wants us to die? Rebuke me? Not this time buddy, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus He came for LIFE MY FRIENDS! So I boldly say. Get behind me Satan in Jesus name Amen!

God bless everyone and I do pray this message be a great help meet to many, in Jesus name Amen!

Anyways this is how I will be speaking about God from now on. You want to find God read your Word. Scripture says we have to drink of our own accord anyways, in the mean time all out there who are tired of hurting and crying in the dark when nobody sees you. lets move forward and let the world do whatever it is doing. Anyways I pray everyone have a very blessed day. I love you! God loves you more! #GoteamJesus! AMEN!


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