United in Christ

Michelle Stokes

God bless everyone. I pray many become united in Christ JESUS, and that we be all on one accord, one spirit, all on unity in LIFE! I pray the Lord lead many to shelter and to safety and that God help many of us walk upright. I pray the Lord lead a great multitude of people to do God’s will, in Jesus name Amen!

It has always been God’s will for the people to live and not die For the people to enjoy life and life abundantly. But the people did eat of the wicked fruit (they now enjoy their flesh) and until this day free will is a blessing and and a curse, and unless the people eat of the tree of LIFE our Heavenly manna they will be lost and just die in their sins, and this death is also eternal. It leads to hell also.

I pray many people find the truth of the bible, and that many stop arguing and chose LIFE! let all who fight be left alone and all others pick up their bibles and follow JESUS! Do not forsake the Word of GOD whole or indeed you will be forsaken by GOD.

For those who only follow the son ONLY and do not obey the FATHER,will be called bastards for what man is born without a FATHER? Selah!

Seek the Word for truth and you will find all mysteries of the Gospel but the only path IS LIFE! Let not your hearts be evil my friends! Jesus is LIFE written also the only way! the only name salvation is given in! have a blessed day family and friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ JESUS! Shalom!


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