Twisted humor

Oh boy, I better say this from the beginning. These are just my “THOUGHTS”Sorry man, I am in no way at all trying to mock God. I pray people start thinking. That is all! I don’t mean to be funny but for real. I pray many people out there find God. we all made God upset man. We can all continue running around pointing fingers at everybody (like they did in the garden) or we as people can all start doing things to make it right with God.
So many people out there playing games with God’s people. Who are God’s people? The people! God made all people! God is Maker of everything.
Hard to have a debate when I mean seriously Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1 says it all. Then ok so why we all fighting? Anyways pardon me I am so confused, I don’t have a brain. I am just a simple woman. When I was a child I got punished for saying in class, we did not come from monkeys. “When do the monkeys change in school then?” Apparently I wasn’t the only one cause many years later Kat Williams said something like the same in his comedy only I did not think it funny because I got told I was rude and disrespectful and sent to the hall. Now all of a sudden people bowing to devils.
But how can there be a devil if there is no God? Oh my God! I am confused! I got on my knees and started praying to God and oddly all of a sudden things was happening.
I love God and I love religion but honestly I only love religion because I love God. But  I am tired of religion too because so many in religion fighting and I honestly just can’t see why. But here is some true comments.
A lot of biblical stuff is happening folks and all people think they have a plan. Going to be a real sad day for them all when they find they can not fake God and their plans will just not go right. I told people many years I saw the end of the world. They laughed at me. I honestly wonder who is still laughing?
You can not fear. I spoke such things a few years ago and people panicked but like Adam and Eve most ran from God. I am not a fear mongrel, but look around guys. I mean statistics all in our face. It’s time for people to open their eyes. I thank God for the internet because honestly it gets things out pretty quickly. and truth be told not just one person can save this planet, going to take some real effort. The people say this is impossible. They also say they know the hour. Long before men made time. God made men. So with God is all things possible? (written for the religious folks)
The sad fact is who will even listen to this letter? That is not for my eyes. God has final say but even the very bible has said the very things spoken of. You guys do what you feel your conscience tells you!
Anyways as you get older you start thinking different. You start seeing the children. if you are blessed you see the future and you realize change starts with in you. meaning each of us, then there is a hope if you actually start doing something about it.
We are the temples for God. You know how many people here on this earth are angels. I once said this and I got called a devil. Really? I mean what are people who will put their life in danger for you? Do you know in the Word of God there is something written about those who lay down their life. also it speaks of angels in both sides of the bible. Time to get wise in our WORD.
Now I can only speak for my country but in America we can all say eff the police and what not, but has anyone ever seen a world with no police? I can fully say I have. If people think we have it bad now. Lets just say what if. I don’t want anyone thinking I am saying God is delaying. because honestly who knows the hour? What if God does not come this generation? Where will we be ten, twenty years down the line? (these comments are for the religious people)well all people also, but mostly to the ones who know scripture
I said things like this in the past and man, in the church world a lot of people become jealous. I wish I saw visions they say. I doubt that. I mean I do seriously doubt that. For it indeed is a grievous thing. You know years before the movie Noah’s ark came out I saw the flood in a vision. I told people about it. I said they ate their own babies before the water came. There was no food.. some people believed other’s called me crazy. Hmm but now they made that movie like 20 some years later.
The future, the past, the present. I speak not to teach but time to think please. What if the people in the past didn’t care for our future? Where would we be?
A lot are calling the people 30 and over forgotten and they are just working on a younger generation and they are saying our generation was hopeless. They told David he was hopeless to.
All I know any label you want to call me, feel free too. I prayed way too many hours and I am well studied in my Word and I am not a religion. I am just Michelle. I am judged by God as we all are.
So many lost people who don’t even know the Word and so much of the religion world just fighting with each other over a few bible verses. Is the House of God divided? Either way to me that IS CRAZY AS HELL! Whattaa?
Anyways I am so old now I don’t care what the people label me. I wrote twisted humor as the title but honestly these are just random thoughts thrown together on a paper. and if anyone wants to read it, then so be it!  God bless everyone.Thank you for reading me.  God loves you!  Find God!


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