Truth is freedom!

All things in this world all about JESUS!!! Who is JESUS? WHEN WE READ BOTH SIDES OF THE WORD, WE FIND TRUTHS!

God I pray you help many people find truths. I pray you help many people find strength to overcome addictions to overcome fears to find true healing in your WORD, To find the truth written with in them.. I pray Jesus go after the ones hurting. Go after the ones suffering. Fill them with new hope, new wisdom. Place your healing hand on them God. Feed your sheep precious GOD! lead us OUT of temptation and out of evil. Deliver us from our present hour and evil also..
Father so many speak of end days, but God I know, not one man or woman or child for that matter knows the hour, only you GOD, So I pray in your name, for your names sake and for truth also that you help a new generation of people rise up. People who will listen to your WORD and seek answers and wisdom with in them. I will lead the people in ways pleasing to you God. Help many people return to you God. Help them find truth. let every man in the world be liar. let your WORD HEAL US, LET IT DELIVER US GOD! So then all people shall know you are our GOD, I ask all these things according to your WORD, so that the zeal and the joy of the LORD be filled, all for your glory and honor LORD not for any man’s vanity, neither mine, But for your Kingdom GOD! In the name of TRUTH also the new name you gave to me, in the name of Arianna I pray have a blessed day everyone!
P.S. My messages are not for all. Jesus only came for the LOST! Only genuine people who are sick of lies. All other people. Please continue doing what you are doing. Any interested in finding truth. Feel free to follow me. (clickable link) I speak the WORD daily and together we will follow JESUS! to grow in GOD! Shalom family and friends, Brothers and Sisters of Christ JESUS!
If the people studied the Word they would be rejoicing at this moment and this is truths my friends! let all people put our eyes on GOD who is and always will be!
Follow me daily on facebook (clickable link), for a daily healing Word. There will be preaching, teaching, instructions, growth, learning and healing. I pray any who are hurting and sick of lies we can grow together I am an honest teacher and many who have followed me in the past know this to be true. I pray any broken people Lets find the potter who heals!  God bless and Shalom family in GOD!  To be also called the Body of Christ but most do not know because of ignorance. TRUTHS!  I apologize not calling anyone names just being truthful I pray the truth offend none but lead many to truth, in the name of truth I pray Amen!


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