True healing

You know instead of everyone trying to heal everyone. I pray man (woman the same also) draw near to Jesus because until this day God still heals and you do not need men to put their hands on you. We just need to believe in Jesus, and sit at his feet and listen. Thank God, Jesus left instructions so every single person in the world who wanted healing could find it without men, but through JESUS! TRUTHS! GOD STILL HEALS! Jehovah Rapha! I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE! Shalom! Nothing has changed and there shall come a time when there shall be no need for a teacher for all will know me and I will be there Teacher. it is time for all people to repent and seek the LORD! Follow JESUS!


Jehovah Rapha means the LORD who heals until this day the LORD still heals! Jesus has said I and my Father are ONE! Genesis Chapter one verse one teaches us GOD IS! I AM that I AM!  Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Christ.   Anyone trying to grow in God let’s grow together!  Follow me on facebook (clickable link) if you want. I often post there more then any place. I use to type all over many places and had large groups of followers. But I followed instructions the Lord  gave me and I will now speak again for the time has come.  I pray many people start speaking truth about the Word of GOD and our Good LORD and Savior JESUS!  again Jesus has spoke, I and my Father are ONE!


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