Tribulations build faith

You know what I have learned through careful examination of my life and the WORD, I can clearly see how tribulations are needed. This is a message not a lot will want to hear. But if you take the time to go read your bible you may just find the wisdom with in it.


We will start at the beginning. In the beginning Adam and Eve were, and there was God and in the mist (not midst) there was another that has always been hid. In the end it is written all things would be revealed nothing would be covered.  But Adam and Eve were hidden. They walked in God’s Light. They did not know darkness nor did they comprehend it because God commanded them not to eat it.


Then for what ever reason they disobeyed God. I will not be a judge and point blame on any, but long story short they were cursed, from their OWN ACTIONS! Now some would say why did they even do such things? It is because just as it was explained. Without evil you would not know good and vice versa (TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL).  You see this when you go read Genesis.  I mean seriously who would eat evil things if they knew what would happen?  They did not know so they ate. Please go read and consider this. meditate on it!


and sin is in the world but it was here. We just did not know what it was. They were naked. Then they ate, who told you were naked? Why did God allow this?  When you start to study and read your Word. So many times in old testament God says things happen, and they are for reasons He even explains those reasons.  Some things He says that is not for you to know or not your time, or the hour or the season. Because not all things are for all seasons to reason.


If you start examining old testament you start to see God teaching the people a lot of things. Just whether the people want to believe or listen. God shows so many lessons of what happens to those who do not listen.


Now the left side of the bible is full of evil and wicked and lots of sin. But you can find the LORD there also. But then a whole book is written all about God’s love and mercy.(New testament) Yet somehow people think there is two Gods. or God changed. But this is how big GOD’s love is for the ones who love HIM. Written in Old testament mercy on the ones who love Him. The  Lord seated on my right side!


God did not ever change. Neither have people.  The same very things people did in old testament until this very day they do the same very things. The same things that existed back then, Until this day still exist.  Now people have move forward some what but lately so many have been turning backwards. and we go backwards in knowledge also. These things should not be but it as the same as always. Every so often God has to come and do a movement and it leads to generations of ones who follow. But then comes people who do not know the Lord, because they were not alive to see such things. and they stray again.


So they start to doubt, or question God. or say that He is a myth or whatever lies get told about God.  They are the same since the beginning as the same as now. Ever since Cain and Abel, Even Adam and Eve, we have all had free will. and has sin been in the world, or the serpent, dragon, or devil all names I will call evil.


You know sometimes tribulations really define people. it can make strong men out of weak vessel. Especially if that weak one starts calling out to the Lord, God does know how to use all things for His good. Nothing new is under the sun my friends.


Years ago I could write all these painful stories and I could make everyone feel sorry for me if I wanted. But honestly now a days I can not do such things because honestly I don’t even remember the pain. Every  time I think of the past I get a huge big smile on my face I am smiling now as I write this.  Sorry God took all that pain and suffering and turned into so much joy. So much laughter. I don’t know how it is possible, but yet I do because it is all God and it is a promise from God and I just can’t stop smiling.


Thank you God for all them tribulations through out the years. Thank you for all them mighty lessons!  Thank you for being with me in the wilderness!  thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for walking with me in the valley of death.  it was scary i was afraid I thought I was alone and you just shown me how you never left me and I just thank you sooooo much for whatever the reason you just love me and I can’t stop thanking you either!


I just seriously thank God for helping me keep my peace when a world full of thieves tried to rob it. God kept it all hidden for me and He gave it back to bigger then I ever could of imagined and I just want to thank you Lord, and praise you!  let my lips make a sweet joyful noise to you God and I pray it be a worthy sacrifice of my everything God because I love you and I thank you for my smile! in Jesus name Amen!


I just learned I am like Job only different, but I am at the same time. Just amazed at how many people in the Word of God my life lines up to it is amazing and I didn’t even really read my Word until with in the last decade.  Now it is like my life makes sense. I lost everything. I lost it all. But I murmured once many years ago and things got worst.


I would not curse God!!!!! I had way to much fear of God in me. For as long as I can remember I always believed in God I just never thought I was worthy of God.  But for half a second I tried to harden my heart. Oh the pain of my own hardheadedness. THANK YOU GOD FOR HELPING ME OVERCOME THIS!  But a long time ago I wish I could say I learned on my own accord but I did not. God has been teaching me as long as I can remember.


I told people I heard God at an early age they told me I was crazy I stopped telling people, but I still kept listening to God, but when I didn’t listen to God. OUCH MAN! IT HURT!  I am glad God helped me walk forward. no matter what it took God would not allow me it seems to go on a backward path. because those paths were so sad my friends. I will confess. somethings happened to me out of my own control, but for the most part. most of my tribulations was from my own sin.


This is how I know for a fact all sin is punished in this world. Because I am that lost sheep. and God sought all over for me. and I am living proof of what God would do for one lost sheep,  and man let just say not all of it was a glorious thing because for awhile, I was a child of disobedience and those children are punished.  But I am not sure about you guys. But how many times you have to stick your finger in the light socket, get shocked and realize man that hurts? OUCH! I better not do that again.


Well you would be amazed I think I must of did it at least a million times. but eventually you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. and You know God can speak through the mule and to the mule and He can change the hardest wood, into soft clay one way or another you will be molded. Some people have to be tossed in the saw mill, turned into dust and reborn. I don’t know I just truthfully thank God because He always knew how much I could and couldn’t take, and I know from experience God knows what it takes to keep a man (woman also) righteous. and nobody is above God’s chastisement. NOBODY!


Either way sorry I know I rambled a bit and was back and forth, but don’t let your tribulations break you. Rejoice if it is beyond your control and it is a results of your sin then you need to draw to God pray for deliverance stay in your Word and prayed up run to God not away from Him.



and no matter what give God praise through all. No matter what the devil tried to steal or take from you. You just keep giving God praise and say God has final say!  I trust God!  I love everybody. I pray this message will be a blessing to somebody. not to help you continue in folly but serious to learn to just give God glory and honor and praises!  I pray someone out there is blessed and anointed by this, in Jesus name Amen! REJOICE I SAY! REJOICE! REJOICE AND MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD! HALLELUJAH!


God really can turn tribulations into something good. tribulations means a time of hurt, a time of sorrow a time of grief. God can also use the sins of others to bring a great multitude of people to HIM. sometimes the sad things about people is until they suffer a lot won’t even call out to God. I pray God let the sins of our parents and our past turn a great multitude of children who will learn from the mistakes of their parents in Jesus name Amen!


God can use every single evil in this world for HIS GOOD!  HE ALSO COULD MAKE EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET DROP TO THEIR KNEES AND SERVE HIM, IF HE REALLY WANTED TO. WE BETTER PRAY GOD DON’T DO THAT!!!  BECAUSE THEN I DON’T THINK PEOPLE WOULD LIKE TO SEE HOW THAT HAPPENS!  I really pray instead, many just turn to God because they are tired of hurting because if God makes us repent we might not like the way that ends.   I do pray anybody out there consider these words, in Jesus name Amen!


Have a blessed day my friends and let God turn your tribulations into joy!


P.S there are probably mistakes I type two fingers looking down. I am sure I probably made mistakes and even when I come back to check. I will probably still miss more, because I am not an English major. I am just a woman who loves God!


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