Tough love is real love

Love saves, It over comes, It conquers, It changes people, It changes things, Love wins!

Love is speaking truth when you do not want to hear it.  Love is sometimes punishment, for a good parent can not reward an evil doer.  Love is doing the right thing, even if it hurts.   Love is not always kind. (sorry this is a truthful comment)  Love is faithful.  Love can also hurt,  Love is many things.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but a person who loves you will speak the truth, Because they love you!   Love is a complicated word. For we do not all love the same.  Some people’s idea of love and others are different.  In the end love saves.

Love is loyalty. Love is honesty. Love is kind, Love can be not kind also, but in the end it is for your own good. Love is caring. Love is walking away sometimes also. Love is great, Love can hurt, Love is not always positive. depending on what side you are looking at it.  Love is indeed worth finding!

There is no love greater then God’s love!  Love is worth examining and considering, and thinking on, even,  Just a random thought. The way God loves us is like the love of a Father, and sometimes that love isn’t always pretty, and don’t all children question their parents?  Experience teaches the older one’s and gives them wisdom in their older days.  The youth try and argue the elder because somehow in your twenties you just know everything.  Poor little deceived souls.  The older you get you realize it is easier to say, I know nothing and walk away. Experience teaches you why even waste your breathe.   Seen that one coming.  It is amazing how God lets life teach us powerful lessons.


So many pay attention to Jesus and not to say we should not be, but we really need to start looking at God as a Father. and not one who raises soiled brats. That give their child whatever they want just because they scream and stomp their feet. I truly do apologize.  God does not work like that.  If people become more wise with age.  Just imagine God is smarter then the most smartest on this planet. As I get older I can clearly see, I don’t know anything. Helps me to stay out of arguments. Oh no you are so right guy!  Have a blessed day!  Sorry if I all ready know I am right, I do not have to prove myself to anybody. No offense to sit and argue with someone when you know you are right is like a true definition of crazy if you ask me.  Just my thoughts. Again I don’t know anything. I pray this random thought be a blessing to anyone out there reading in Jesus name Amen!


Start looking at God, like our Father who is Creator. and you will receive further understanding. Start reading the Word of God. it will help you see things clear and help you stay on the right path. Pray just talk and have conversations with God daily. I pray this help anyone go forward in Jesus name Amen!


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