To the Lost (last) generations

To the generation of lost people with no parents, with no role models. How does it feel? Hurts doesn’t it? Now that you older you going to do the right thing? Or we all just going to keep pretending like God ain’t needed in our homes? So growing up with single parents was fun? So how come so many people unhappy? So many justifying their crappy life to be bad guys. Someone has to break the circle. Someone has to forgive or it will end all things. Hate can not live forever. hate kills and destroys. Truth I tell you! So abandon your kids because you were abandoned? We have enough of those guys, in the world all ready. How about you do something different so you can be a leader for the next generation? Not just that other guy who is like everyone else. Food for thought!

What happens young men, when you steal? when you tell lies? when you murder and kill? You can end up dead or even in a jail cell. So seriously what man walks along and thinks prison is fun? Hmmm I believe only the ones caught in the system they even have a label for it now. Anyways when I was a child, I am sure I did many things foolish. Only see I repented, so I know I was forgiven, I changed. but somehow because I confessed it, the world seemed to use such things against again me. But like you guys have no sin? I laugh? You don’t? (no seriously I laughed, past tense, it’s not funny anymore it’s sick) well ok allow me to point out your faults, as you seem to feel comfortable blaming me, because I confessed and you didn’t now that’s funny. (again not really, it’s sick)

Because I sure have eyes and I don’t see any perfect. Anyways I am glad all things happened in my life. I pray God help many people. and many people are saying prayers like me also. This was just a random thought. God bless the reader. with peace and comfort and help them draw near to you God. in Jesus name Amen!

I pray there be a generation that breaks the circle of curses from lies of our fathers, and not forgiving and Harding of hearts. I pray God give many a new spirit, a new heart, and a new mind set, in Jesus name Amen!

Written by A Healing Word by Michelle Stokes, God’s glory.

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