To all the thugs out there!

I pray all the broken people find God. To all the street people out there. to all the thugs. to my homies. to my family, to my friends, to everyone out there. There is a Comforter out there and I can not argue names. God’s Spirit is with in us. I pray many people get in the WORD.

I say if you trying to do good and don’t know how, start reading Psalms. Copy David’s prayers. David was a man after God’s heart and he does do a great job at teaching people how to pray. Follow Jesus.Follow the WORD. Learn the bible is a guide of how to find God here on this earth.

Everyone in the world is doing stuff to make God angry. The evidence is all around.I pray anyone out there who is hurting and feels there is no hope. Please man, start praying to God. Ask him if He is real and could He help someone like you?

Speak to Him, like He is in the room listening, because God is!! I can’t argue religions or God’s name, here in America I love our American English bible for I found God still keeps these WORD’s.

Anyways I do pray a lot of people find God, and it help you do good for all your days. Today is a great day to start speaking to God. Don’t ask God for things like winning the lottery, if you are not repented. you get on your knees and start telling God you are sorry for everything… God will hear you. He will help you. Draw near to God and let Him help you.

God can give you strength to walk away from things. Anyways so many judges here on earth, They can all judge. I pray anyone out there lost, hurting, and struggling with that thing called life. Please start seeking for God when nobody can see you, because the truth is GOD SEES ALL THINGS! and He knows everybody’s hearts and intentions. God is real and I do pray a great multitude of people find GOD,in the name of God’s Word I pray Amen!


The LORD is GOD as always! the same yesterday, today and forevermore! heaven and earth shall pass and THE WORD WILL REMAIN!

Jesus IS SALVATION! Selah!


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