This house. My testimony

I was speaking God’s language before I even read my Word, how is that possible? Was it because I was praying in my closet? Was I seeking and searching in the dark when nobody could see me? I never deemed myself worthy to read, His precious Word though. I ran away from it, But I would pray Lord have mercy and honor my prayers for others please do not use my sins against them. I would not even lift my voice to or eyes to God not for me anyways. God please do not use my sins against them and I would pray so much for other people. I started hearing a voice, I knew it was God but He is calling to me? I thought I was crazy. God would not call out to sinners, so I ran away. so many years I did this and the LORD sought after me. He kept bringing people to me over and over and I kept saying what is wrong with these people. How come they all keep saying the same thing? I ran away from God’s own witness of HIMSELF. I couldn’t even see HIM when He stood before me. I called HIM the devil I called HIM evil. I was just like the ones who killed Jesus. My ignorance would not allow me to see HIM. But man, through all my thick skin GOD drew me to the reading of my WORD.
man trust me when I say GOD is mighty patient, but I do think I annoyed (angered) GOD because when I did not listen too many times I sure was punished. I stuck my fingers in the socket. Over and Over, I kept shocking myself. it was really sad to God. This is what He told me, again I thought I was crazy. GOD would not want me, so I ran away. Ha! I did this for many years and many years ago. Back and forth over and over and over again.
Really is a sick circle, being caught with the devil dancing in a circle. When will the circle become undone? Only when you stay on the forward path my friends. and this is the God’s honest truthful answer! and it is also just a tiny tiny part of my testimony. Will you believe since I openly admit that I sinned? You will not take the Words of holy when they come, will you believe me? Does this sound like honest testimony? if people say read your Word you call them demons also. I did that long ago. These people are crazy I said.
I no longer do this my friends. I fully trust GOD. It is what happens when you read your WORD and know who GOD is and I do pray many people find and receive this blessing of finding their Maker and that many learn from my terrible past, not to be like the former me, my friends. We all have to strive for perfection. It is a walk with GOD and we are all in it together. but not all of us are on the same team. This does not mean they can not be. Maybe they are just learning, or not humbling, or on a different mission then us. Either way we have to learn to pray for them, That they may find truth, because This does not mean they are not of GOD. All I know is GOD can change anyone’s heart, if they are GOD’s
So in this House we worship GOD, We follow HIM, we serve HIM daily. We repent, we do things to make GOD happy. We do not worry or try to put on an act for anyone. We seek God with our whole heart, mind, and soul and leave everyone else alone.
Anyways I do pray this message be a blessing and an anointing to any, in Jesus name Amen. FOLLOW GOD MY FRIENDS ALL EYES ON JESUS!
Any humble people willing to grow with me, you can watch me and follow me. Sorry though I don’t do arguing, nor fighting, or debating. There are so many who say let us reason. That is not my purpose, nor my message. God speaks to me to say. Come let us gather and drink of the tree of life freely. and leave them other guys do whatever they are doing. So I did and have and will. God help a great multitude of people repent and turn around and give their life WHOLLY TO YOU LORD, IN JESUS NAME AMEN!


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