The Zeal of the LORD be done!

Michelle Stokes

Father, who is in Heaven, I come before you today I pray, fill us with a new spirit, Fill us with LIFE! I pray you give many of us wisdom to think about our actions. I pray you help many overcome the thoughts of our flesh. I pray you help them over come fear and remember you said God said FEAR NOT. I pray you lift their burdens from them, their anxieties God. Help many draw near to your Words.

Lead us to you Comforter. Teach us how to overcome the battle in our heads, so we may RISE UP AND OVER COME the devil and live in this great life that you had made for us. help restore marriages with in people. Help them be humble oh God. Help us open our ears so we can hear each other. Restore our families, Heal our lands.

I pray God that my Words be used to sow into your Kingdom God. I give them to everyone freely, that they may breathe new life into your Kingdom precious God. All for your glory and honor LORD.

Lead us out of temptation. Deliver us from our present evil God. Hallowed be your name oh God. Holy are you precious GOD! teach us how to pray. Help our debt be forgiven as we forgive one other oh God. lead us into the assembly. lead us in ways pleasing to you God. help us stand up to be the chosen people who were healed by your precious Word oh God.

Let our sorrow be turned into joy as I give you praise and glory and honor over my life oh God. I pray forgive us God, but I know we are forgiven for Jesus came in love, and in salvation, to lead us into your wonderful Kingdom.

Let this be the generation many repent oh God. help us receive understanding with sound mind doctrine. lead us to your truths, to your compassion to your mercy. Draw us into your Light precious God, Draw us to repentance oh LORD, for the sake of your name, and all who ever came or spoke or written I pray, and on all the precious blood that was shed for your animals and Jesus for covenants to be honored, and all people also, all the way back since the blood of Abel oh God, I pray Bless your Holy name GOD, in Jesus name Amen!

So that the joy of the LORD be fulfilled and also His Zeal and Will! God bless our nation under GOD Shalom family in Christ!


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