The world truth

This letter is not written for any to follow me. I truly pray many follow God. here is some truth. I pray all people consider such things. I speak praying you guys go look up facts and come to your own conclusion. Because I am tired of people mocking me. Imitating me. I do pray this mentality go through the world at light speed though.


Some facts about the world we live in. Please feel free to make all the research papers you want. I am not a leader and neither will I lead. I will speak so people can think.  Please don’t take my word go study facts.


Men made time. In the bible it says God had people make time. In reality too, you can find some civilization that made time.  Long before time, God made men who made time. Nobody knows the hour, the bible says except God. Of course because “something” made us. But God is not an “it” Neither is God an alien. all though in some type of way, all of us are aliens and even animals. Most people will not comprehend this.


Sin is killing the world. If people study the bible they can find them self, what sin is.  I once heard “a world without end”  This may be true. But what about people? Do people end?  Is God’s Spirit life? Is it breathed with in us? It is what gives life?  if this be true and I don’t know, think on it many ways if you have to, but something made us. If not, how did we get here? and who made the light and the sound even?


Numbers are made up.  Time is made up. in some form of truth, reality is made up too. But who’s reality?  Did God leave a great multitude of books to teach us how to do things to make God happy? if so did God make the planet and all things?


Why are soooooooooooooooooooooo  many scientist now all of a sudden religious?   Why do so many people all through out history say much the same thing?  Who can predict the future? Who knows the hour? So how many time zones are there? and how many different ways to measure time is there? How many theories and studies have man made up?

I pray many people try and make God happy, because what if the world does not end, but people do? What happens if God takes His Spirit of LIFE and everyone just died? But before hand a great many terrible things happened first?


They say God comes back a second time, but ummm I ask you this. Did God come back for those in the flood? Did the people in Sodom get a second chance? And for those who can not believe in the bible. You have heard some of the things people call sin. Does this stuff seem to destroy and kill?


Anyways so many false prophets who will only speak certain parts of the message. I am a woman who is more then tired standing alone. I put all judgement in God’s hands. where it belongs.  Because honestly nobody in the world is going to be able to fake God.  I pray a lot of people in the world do things to make God happy. I mean if you can not obey 10 simple commandments, I pray many get in their closets and pray God, help us go forward, give us strength to do things pleasing to you God.  That’s all man. Please everyone start trying to “think” on such things.


This is not about a certain color or people. it is time for people to start thinking. Be wise my friends.  God bless everyone! I pray people wake up and start speaking the whole truth.  because there is no place in heaven for liars.  Food for thought!  read your Word. it tells us how to live. Drink of your own free will. and pray for yourself my friends.


The churches will abandon people. friends will abandon people. the ones who say they love you will fail. they will all abandon you, fake love that is all it is. God is the only real love.  God is the only ONE who does not abandon people!  God loves the ones who love God. Free will reigns in this world!


God has promised to lead the ones who the world abandons.  Let God adopt you into God’s family!  Best parent out there IS GOD!



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