the turn down generation

The turn down generation. This is for a new generation for today’s generation is all about turning up. and turning up means many things depending on the crowd you’re in. Some turn up cocaine, some turn up heroin, some turn crack, and meth and to you folks hey keep on partying and having a good old time. I love you guys, you are going to have hard lives and I pray you turn up God in your life. Turn up your prayer life. Turn up bible reading.

To the new generation I pray you turn down offers to do drugs. Turn down your hands to violence. Turn down to things that will end you locked up in a jail cell. Turn down selling drugs. Turn up the God music. Turn up your Bible. turn up your eyes to God. Don’t look back. pray for those behind you but you keep your eyes on God and turn up some books. turn down all things wicked. This message goes out to the lost in this world. I pray this little light shine brightly and lead you to truth and life on this planet. If you continue down the path everyone around you is, there is no hope for you friends. Who is the turn down generation? Any who want to hear it.

Food For Thought

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