The Teacher and the pupil

Life isn’t a game all though some will tell you it is. They will play games with your feelings.  AND EVEN YOUR LIFE! They will mock you and hate you and spit in your face. Something in the world does not like truth. They did this to Jesus.

Jesus died for a lot of people. The people loved Jesus but the hour He came the people were afraid of death. So they did not stick up for Jesus out of fear. I pray this generation is not like the generation of Jesus but that we learn from Him and we try and be different. People who speak truth, learn to stick together. But all the truth tellers sit in a circle and fight against one another. All so they can say they are the only true religion.

I am not a religion, so I do not care what them people do. I mean what part of arguing is from God? Does not seem to me any of these things are GODly. It doesn’t give GOD any glory or honor and it sure does not seem at all to Christianly. I am glad I am not a Christian, but I sure do love the Christ message! and no I do not think I am better then any.

A lot of times I have seen them say religious people have no brains, they are weak.They can not think for them self, they need their bible to think for them. I have seen these type of things said, for many years. I am not a religion, I am just a woman, But I love God and I fear Him. I have been punished for sin my whole life every time I sin. But they tell me Jesus washed away judgement.. It is a lie I have lived it in my own life and seen it. Then you say these things and even though you speak truth these people reject your knowledge. They say you are crazy or call you demons, or try and attack you with some over written book knowledge. Wow so common sense just disappeared? out the doors it is gone. it seems because the people can not think for them self. Christianity. I am glad to say I am not a Christian, but I do love certain Christian Churches I just do not care for most the people in them. Only because they preach one way and I see many things that are not Christianly. I am just saying. I run from that label, but I did and do pray for them people.

I have seen the evidence of my prayers. I prayed for sooooooooooooo many of them and I watched God answer. I never told them people what I prayed for. and If I did you can tell they roll your eyes at you like oh brother. To bad they do not know the things I prayed. Anyways the Word of God teaches me how I want to live.So I try to apply and let them judgement just bounce off of me.

there are a lot of things I could teach about religion and I will one day but mostly I am not a teacher. I just used my brain and prayed on many things and God is just amazing to be God of Word. So all I can do is speak and I pray it lead people to study and think on their own. How can I teach a man anything? Especially if that man in not willing to learn? I mean any man who wants to grow in wisdom will sit with the teacher and become a good pupil.

One day the pupil will surpass the Teacher, for if the Teacher teaches all they know a good pupil who learns from the best will surpass the teacher. But the teacher will always be one step ahead, because they have experience the pupil does not. Life teaches us a great lesson.

Anyways a lot of time the pupil’s pride get in the way and they know longer want to be taught by the teacher. They think they are some how better or now the teacher taught them a few things then all of a sudden they just know everything. But a wise teacher does not reveal all their knowledge and never will, and they let the pupil decide. Because something the pupil does not notice is wisdom is wise and clever and people just learning are foolish and pride is a lot of people’s down fall. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. O you stopped listening Good luck now the Teacher watches silent as the pupil learns the hard way.

Either way I am the teacher in this classroom and anytime the pupil decides he is smarter then me, I will hold the door open for you and kindly say Peace be with you and I pray you make wise decisions. No offense who am I to step on toes. Go ahead, God bless you! anyway wise pupils never leave their teachers for they know a great teacher will always teach and a pupil who always follows will be successful. I pray we do not forsake the people who taught us. As I was not taught in Churches but by GOD. I will stay with my teacher. Seems not to be smart at all to follow GOD, then all of a sudden say. man is smarter then God. Sorry for a long time I have been following GOD and not men, and I will continue doing so. as I pray the people continue to do whatever they want to, in Jesus name Amen!


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