The SPIRIT of the LORD

I am so done with religious conversations.  And honestly I am very comfortable in my faith. I love  JESUS! and I believe JESUS when He says Him and His Father are ONE.  In King James version bible which I believe is such a beautiful version. I love many versions also!

in 1 John 5:For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

Something made us, and so many fight about it. I use to have a ministry although I was not a ministry, I said I was ministering God’s Word.  The Word of God Teaches us about all things foolish in this world. In my house I pray, I love the Lord, I do things to make God happy. I was going to church all over, to many religions. Because I believe we should honor God. But lately I confess I been worshiping God all day at home. I have no intentions of forsaking the assembly for in my heart I believe God called me to church.


So many people argue religion. They argue tithes. They argue names. In the Word of God it says let them all be, for all men are rewarded for their deeds.  So I went out my way to no longer sound like a religion.  Either way a lot of Church folks, so worried about trying to prove everyone false. That they just can not be at peace and trust God.


So many are preaching Jesus. God bless them!  I have searched many religions, and sat in many debates, even reasoning’s as the people will call them.  But I totally just decided to just be me and let them guys fight.  Either way I pray God lead many people to the truth and just worship the invisible God, the one that knows us ,and helps us walk away from our sins. You can say we should can sin, but I have many topics discussed saying that is not the truth.


But I myself am getting older, and I just want to love the Lord, who is God to me. I call God, Jesus too. My prayers are answered whether I say God, or Jesus. Truthfully I like to pray to God in Jesus name, because that is what I read in my Word, John 14:13-14 and I am a Jesus believer my friends!  Jesus the SPIRIT! (INVISIBLE)  not the image men painted a couple hundred years ago.  Worship God in spirit and truth and you will do good!

Either way bless the reader abundantly as we draw near to God’s Word and build a relationship with God!  have a blessed day dear readers! Shalom! #Blessings and God’s love

Food For Thought

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