I post this so many know. I am not a hater, in fact I have no hate with in. I just truthfully pray the ones following me. Don’t forsake Churches or religions all things were made for a reason.  Just know religion is not the only way. God’s SPIRIT (JESUS) is LIFE. It is life in all things on this planet. Many Christians teach only one half of the bible.

This leaves you in blindness and then you only get a one sided version of the story.  Much the same as the ones who are in old testament only. To any who follow me. I offer you advice to grow in God. Go to many religions, see what they have to offer. Read your Word without them- FLEE FROM THEM IF THEY DON’T READ THE WORD. (or see if what they speak lines up to the WORD) pray on everything. Consider the doctrines and take all things to the WORD, only the humble will grow and the meek shall inherit the earth. This is sound mind doctrine, to any willing to grow. Then if you ever see I speak truth and you will if you ever go look. I am a woman working from home. I love God faithfully and if and when you see I speak truth and you want to bless me with a dollar or two. That I will appreciate. I do not write for money,. Neither do I charge for the Word, but truth be told as many will soon see, I write and talk about the Lord constantly and I do know, my words be life saving. So many spewing garbage out their mouth, and they are collecting tithes and not even using them for what tithes were meant FOR, which by the way should be used for food. One should really go read about tithing.

Anyways not to talk about any churches, for there are without a doubt Pastors who do the right thing with tithes money.  Anyways I am not accountable to or for them.  Neither am I a judge. What I am is a woman who speaks truth, and truth about the WORD. I love God and one day if any of my words help you and the Lord places it on your heart to bless me, by all means I will accept gifts. other then that. You can follow me for free. You can take my words and go do your own homework.

The world is pretty big and I can not do everything on my own. So truth be told if more people started seeking truth then that would be AWESOME!  Anyways I am not a beggar and as you will see, for those who do keep up with me. I do know what I am talking about.

In the process of a new beginning and I am thankful for every reader and those who keep up with me. Even one, is a good number for even one is precious in the eyes of God and this is the truth I tell you!  God said basically the heavens have a party if even one return to God.

No matter what any do I pray we use our brain daily. I don’t want any monkeys dancing after me, just as I don’t want to dance when the church tells me to dance either, like I am a monkey.  I am a human, and God gave us a brain to think, study, grow and learn.  Shalom friends and family of God, to be called the Body of Christ also! This post only came because of my last post, Not a Christan.

One should never judge a book by it’s cover. Just as we should not assume what is in the WORD, neither should I be judged, especially judging me by one post. Keep up with me daily to see and find out who I am.

I invite any to look through my past post also. Things are being update and moving around. Also I write a few places, Am in the process of bringing them all together. In other words this is a work in progress. Just a side note for those who keep up with me! 🙂  Have a blessed day praying for all people out there and this is truths! I pray God leads us all to a place we can grow and edify in the truth of this world!

Also one more time.My missions statement is not for all to agree with me, or fight with me. I speak so you can go do your own homework it you really want. Prayerfully my words be good brain food to help your growth!

Food For Thought

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