The Righteous Blood of Abel

I pray the peace of God cover many, I pray the the Lord shine His Light among many people and that He lead the way for a great nation of people to rise up, and over cone their present evil. Lead us out of temptations Lord and deliver us from our evil.
On this day, I pray the Lord give many their daily bread.  That He feed us with His comforting Word. That the presence of the Holy Spirit make itself known in your life, in your houses, souls, and minds.
I pray the Good Lord lead many back to remembrance of all people that died so we can live. all the way back to the Righteous blood of Abel and even under the Blood covering of Jesus. I pray that God help many be at peace with in their hearts, minds, and thoughts and all things that work to God’s good.
Not the peace men have to offer, but the kind that comes from the Lord. It is better then any silver, or gold, or fine wine, even honesty, all things the people can give. God’s Spirit is peace, it is LIFE, it is breathed with in our nostrils and I pray the Lord lead us in ways to restore many Kingdoms here on earth as it is heaven.
Today is a good day to just praise God. Any who wish to pray for our nations, and leaders, and just feed our self the Word daily. Praise, sing unto God, is more then welcome to come and like my page for daily inspiring messages. Let’s just have a good time and invite the peace of God to cover us! This was inspired from my morning Song posted here. (clickable link)
Also I pray for patience for all who are keeping up with me. This is a work in progress!  #Blessings from God!   Shalom! <3 <3


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