The perfect couple

Now I must be some kind of special, But I am going to speak of my lifetime. maybe I am special, For I have met at least 1 million couples in my lifetime or more, and so many looking for made up things. I doubt many even know what love is.


So many live in some fairy tale movie, or perhaps a romance novel, and these things have really ruined a lot of people’s conception of what love is.  First of all, this is not a Walt Disney film. Nor is it a movie, where we all live in some fairy tale castle. But I am guessing this is where the perfect couples must be. For I have never met a perfect couple.


I have seen two people who both know how to work together. No where have I sat in my life and see this love many speak of or want.  Love  is long suffering. It is being able to over come things. It is about two people coming to an agreement, about their future as a team.


So many following lust and then crying saying they want love, but wouldn’t even know love if it hit them in the face. Love is about compromise.  Through thick and thin until death do us part.  So many men and women looking for sugar daddies. or mommas, and then getting mad when the one who controls the money, treats them a certain way.


Sometimes it is better to work to the top with someone who understands you. Someone who listens to your feelings. Someone who like you, has both interest in mind.  it is not about how hot she is. Or what they possess, it is about being friends. it is about listening to each other’s feelings.  I pray many people come out of their device type thinking. Look around at the couples who make it.

They put a lot of work in. I mean this is what I see with my eyes and I don’t live in a television, Maybe perhaps that is why I see different. Who knows, but I do pray this message put some reality into people’s thinking. Learn that life is not easy. This ain’t a movie and a lot of people never get their happy ending, because they are too busy, chasing fairy tales.   Just something to think about. I pray this random thought bring others to think, in Jesus name Amen!


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