The Marraige (FAMILY)

There is a time and season for all things. and so many will think this is evil because they have a conspiracy of such things. But this is no conspiracy my friends. it is time to speak up. It is time to act like you want to live. it is time to give GOD glory and honor in all things you do. Not because you want to save your lives but because GOD has ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT LIFE!

So many different people have come and came and left good plans that were free on how to fix our planet, But these things can’t be, then nobody would get a profit. Oh no the dollar would crash, we would not survive, the world would be in a panic.

Babies would start crying parents and children would fight each other. They would all come against each other, and some would even eat their children. This is what will happen if we do not repent. I know nobody out there will believe me, but I pray all people listen because something about the truth Even if you do not receive it at first. Nobody in the planet can deny the evidence. This is just truths I tell you.

For many years now Mother earth has been saying save the earth, save the whales, save the bees, save the trees, and moon and the sun and all things listen. Wisdom comes and she speaks simple. Wisdom came and she yelled before even. The Father came in all types of ways. He came with punishment and chastisement. All things God did come in both. He and She before the same, GOD did come in my friends. He even came as the Child. So did she. How many times will these people not listen?

This does get tiring after so many seasons, so many years, Ever since the beginning God say, way the sad face, if you do good shall you not be rewarded? I mean this is as simple as it gets folks. I would say Children but not all who listen are my Children.

The Ones who listen are the Children of God and all who do not listen I will say I never knew you. Who’s Child is this? That is not mine. I don’t know then if it is not my Child it must be some bastard then. For what child does not listen to His Father, Then Seriously who does not hear the Wisdom of their Mother? Only rude disrespectful disobedient Children!

Does anyone even know about the Marriage? Do any of you know how to act like a family? Do you give GOD glory? Do you put HIM above all things? If you do and you do not know the things I speak then their sure seems to be a problem buddy and anything else is just a foolish tricky, a devil, my friends. one who comes to rip apart GOD,s family. I do pray many hear this message and find GOD, and I am going to let you all sit and think on the things I said.Now please no arguing! It turns GOD off, and that is just the truth I tell you!

It turns Him off so much He wrote a Book so that would never happen. I do pray the truth eat at everybody and draw you to GOD my friends NOT AWAY FROM HIM! IN JESUS NAME AMEN!


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