The LOST soul

God bless everyone. God promised to turn our tears into joy. To mend the broken heart. Jesus came for the Lost. Who is lost? Show me a man who does not know GOD and I will show you a lost man! All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD. I pray a great multitude of people repent and turn to God. Let us be doers not just listeners nor men pleasers. But to make God happy!. Blessed are the ones who seek God diligently, with their whole heart, mind, and soul. and we are the Sons and Daughters of GOD. The ones who follow GOD, are GOD’S! Jesus came to set the captives free!

No man can serve two masters, my friend I pray we all make peace with our Maker and not strife with Him.Get rid of all anger. all bitterness. all our hurts cast it all on God’s shoulder in prayer. Weep, mourn, lament, repent and lean on God.The joy of the LORD is our strength! I had fainted if I had not leaned on GOD! REAL TALK! I pray this be a help meet to anyone out there in the LORD’s name I pray Amen!


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