The Lord is good!!!

The Lord is good!!! and just thinking about life. I have all these things to do, and even though I am doing, seems like a battle, I am in but not going anywhere. Then I have to just slow down and listen to God’s voice. My timing is not your’s and patience is key.


We all want to rush to win the race, but some things take time to build up. I sat down about a year ago maybe a little bit more and I wrote this list of goals. Now to the human eye it may seem, I have nothing accomplished, BUT I am almost at the top of my list.


Sometimes it is good to just stop, and instead of beat yourself up, sit back and say good job!  I am at that point. Just sitting today and loving God. I am at a hump, because I’m at a  place where I can not move until a few things happen. So with that said, I am just thinking about how GOOD GOD IS!


Through the trials of tribulations, even in the hours when we have no patience. It is a good thing to just be still and love the Lord, and give God some praises! I pray the reader be blessed abundantly and just take a moment and tell yourself you are doing a good job!  High fives all around!  Woot Woot! Make some noise for GOD! 🙂 If you are not doing a good job then there be no better time, then to start today!


I pray the Lord enlighten many, and enrich the reader greatly, to move forward and make some progress in their life, or even just be still. and maybe perhaps many, will be able to hear God’s soft subtle voice that speaks to us when we are still!  Have a blessed day reader! Shalom and blessings from God! <3

Food For Thought

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