The joy of the LORD

The joy of the LORD, It is not everyone’s calling to be a leader. I am sorry it is not. It should be all’s desires, but we are not all made the same, neither are we all made for the same intentions, but we are all made for His purpose. and we are all called to lead somehow.

In the Word of God it teaches us to ask that your joy be filled. God’s people were called to be blessed. To be examples. and to some, the joy of the LORD is a marriage. To others it is their career. To chosen people it is to speak for God, But just because you do not speak for God, does not mean you are not chosen.

God uses us all in ways that work for His good. The truth in this message is, so many want blessings, but you do not want to serve God. You know if you did things to make GOD happy, maybe just maybe, then a lot of us would get the desires we want. When your desires line up to GOD’s will you will find the favor of the LORD.

The Old testament is prime example of people who got God’s favor and the things they did to receive them. God is not a new God, nor did He change. We all want to know why we do not receive God’s blessings, but then we do not even bless GOD, these things should not be.

I stand on the Word of God, it is a Book of promises, God keeps to the one’s who love Him. My whole life lines up perfectly to the Word of God, and I have so many stories that I can tell that are biblical, and yet they are not bible, but they line up to the Word perfect!

We all should be trying to achieve a point in our walk where we are living in ways that are pleasing to God. But so many hurting, struggling, for things and I tell you, put the Lord first and the rest will follow.

My joy has been GOD, and it has been a mighty prayer of mine to be used by GOD, This is where my joy lays. I receive much joy in putting GOD first. and to each their own, but honestly if people want to receive the blessings of GOD we should bless GOD and put our trust in HIM, all things happen when we do such things. This is the POWER OF THE WORD! THE POWER OF GOD ALSO!

Some people are called to suffer. Some are called to live. Some are called to be blessed, Some are called to be a living testimony. if you are blessed with things that are not called to speak of God’s Words, (meaning not called to lead.) Pray everything in your life just be a great testimony of GOD.

God let me have a good marriage. let my marriage help lead others to be married LORD. let them see something in our relationship that will draw many people to get married Lord, in Jesus name Amen! prayers like these are one’s GOD honors, because in doing so your joy is fulled and so is HIS also!

it is important to get in the WORD, So then your prayers will not be hindered. But with reading has to come DOING also or your blessing never will. I pray we all do things to make GOD happy so the world can really see a demonstration of GOD,Because GOD is real my friends the fruits can not be faked. The evidence will be in your workman ship. I pray many people find deep understanding in this message and it draw you to GOD’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven my friends, in Jesus name Amen!


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