The human mind rewired

A rework of an article I wrote before, being carried over.

Reprogramming of your brain. Reboot, Refresh. Renew your mind. The human mind rewired. Our brains are not quite wired right. Just some observations I made.

We are taught from whoever or just in general. You turn 18 and most basically what that means is freedom to just slack off, Enjoy life, then at 21 many will go party their behinds off. and many will do that for the next few years after.

But then here becomes the problem, From the age 18-26 and that is about it. You see there is not even ten years. From 18-26 is about the best you will ever feel in life. You will not hardly ever be faster, more in shape, more energy then you do at these ages.

So the prime of our lives we are taught to just let them slip by. Do you know most people by the time they are age 30 all ready know they have some kind of life long health problem. That many 26 year old start feeling their body changing and also can feel not in the primes so much anymore. Meaning they can tell they are getting older, Things start changing, and a lot sooner then we are taught to think.

I do not speak of a sexual prime, I am speaking of a back breaking prime. From 18-26 you know how much you can lift? How much of a work horse you can be at your age? instead of us all waiting until we get to the prime of our life and partying our butts off, then later when we are older trying to play catch up with a body, not as fit, not as healthy, nor as young as it once was.

Most wait until they are about 30 to say, Oh my I better work harder, technically we should be being taught hey man at 18 get a job, get 2 of them .. before 18 put all the knowledge you can in you. do today’s, tomorrow, next week homework.

I do not want to promote college anymore because unless you can pay for it, in the times we are living in. college is a way to put you in debt from the beginning.

So to me since you are the best your going to be, younger, instead of partying your butt off, Start working, saving money. Keep to bare minim expenses

Instead of own ten shoes that cost 200 to look cute, buy a shoe that will last and wear the same one. put your money in the bank and start saving. You are going to need a car, a house a place to live. seems to me we preach the wrong message.

Go hurry up party your prime away or rush off to college and start your new adult life in debt! Both of these seem SO WRONG TO ME

So I do speak on such things, because if were are ever to overcome poverty or bondage, We need to come out of these tainted traditions, THAT DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO PROFIT YOUR LIFE. in fact it seems they are designed to keep you behind. Just my observation.

Also parents there is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much importance in reading to your kids and making them read. Do you know about 20 years or so they publicly announced you could make genius kids by reading all the books in the world to your 1-2 year old child. they had these shows about,when t.v actually showed stuff worth watching..  This is a fact!  People think babies can not understand at that age, but quite the opposite. Children’s capability to learn is way beyond adults especially in the toddler years. This is a fact my friends. They have done studies on it. So I put this all out there in hopes, some of you younger generation see this and try and make a difference if you even care.

Struggle a little in the beginning so you can have a better ending. Don’t wait until you are old and start hurting to start thinking about you life. This really is indeed wise words. I do pray any out there hear, in Jesus name Amen!


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