The foolish things of the world

Michelle Stokes

The foolish things of the world.

Everything is fun and games until someone gets hurt. or somebody dies. or when the doctor comes in and tells someone they are dying. Then all of a sudden we want to take life seriously.

Years ago they used to teach us prevention is key. You barely even see that message anymore. Everyone is so worried about their after life (or worst not even worried about it) they can’t even see the world they live in. We live in a darkly hour time glass. always seeing out, but never looking with in.

The foolish things of the world have been teaching us for thousands of generations. People make mistakes then all of a sudden a missing piece to the puzzle is solved and found. These things were to teach us examples. And sadly sometimes the foolishness of the world teaches us the things we should not do.

The knowledge in today’s times sure has surpassed many ages. but no matter the knowledge, the people stay ignorant and most is a result from laziness and lack of caring. We don’t care, it does not effect us. Then all of a sudden, when things go wrong, then we want to strive to stay alive.

I pray many people start becoming aware to the prevention is key theory. I also pray many become aware of the facts and studies that are all around us in plain sight. Instead of chasing bowls and bongs, and drugs and strippers and booze and all things that are not good for us. Lets all try and do something to help us go forward in this lifetime.

I do not want to promote anything foolish anymore,and to all the pot smokers who can’t get pass the fact I said bowls and bongs. from my observation everyone is so worried about getting high they don’t even see the reality of the world. Years ago they use to call weed dope. Dope has since then also been called many things, (other drugs) but honestly something sure is happening, because so many people turning into dopes it is pathetic. So I am not coming against weed, but I am suggesting we all start waking up and using our brains for something positive. I can not change the world, my friends.But I can make changes with in my life. with in my house and I pray these changes be contagious to many. It is a sad day when you never considered yourself that smart, but you seem to be one of the only ones aware, to the things going on. I do pray I am wrong. I pray many people open their eyes and see the world around them.

Wake up people lets start looking at our actions and seeing the repercussions before it is too late. Before many of us die. before we hurt. before we have to learn the lessons the hard way. I speak praying a new generation of people hear these messages and become wise and lets all do something about it, by examining our lives, in Jesus name Amen!


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