Michelle Stokes

Message without the video God bless!

This is going to hurt a lot of people’s feelings. I am sorry if people only knew truths and facts man. You would really start to see a lot of things. There are not even many who will bother to check what the man says if they all did they would find a whole lot of truth in the world. I don’t even speak on these things anymore.But you know a simple fact is. Jesus was not white and neither was America “discovered”

I do not and will not even speak on things like this anymore. So many, truth just passes them by. They don’t see it. They don’t know it. It just passes them right on by. Almost like a thief in the night. So much of the world is sleeping. I wonder who really is interested in finding truth in the first place. Not even when the very facts are right in front of there eyes. But yet we will all take candy coated doctrines.. Fancy words that tickle your ego. Oh your the greatest! Jesus loves you! now hurry off and go die in your sins. This is the message they all want to hear. We live in a little box.

We don’t even look to the outside. nor do we want to climb out. we are all just trapped away and most people will not step out the box. I do not want to promote hate or rage, or any of the things that usually come with these kind of conversations. But I do share this to say I pray a lot of people start reading the Word of God and see who our Maker is. I am sorry I do not speak or vouch for the Qua ran, (spelling?) I do know if they follow that Book also they also should be following peace. This is all I know.

Not all people’s intentions are pure. This is one of the reasons I do not speak of these things anymore.But then again, I am always confused. because along time ago. They told me I was black. Then they said whites would hate me. Black people told me I wasn’t one of theirs. Mostly a lot of white people accepted me. But honestly mentality wise I am not white. I am more black. But I was raised by both parents.

I was taught to love all people. and I am mixed with so many colors, if I chose a side where do I go? I am not a label. I am a person, My name is Michelle. I was born in America, so I think that makes me American. I mean Mexicans, get called Mexicans, because they live in Mexico. But then they come over here and are still called

Mexicans. and what happens when two Mexicans come over legally and have kids on American soil? Does that make them Mexican or American? I am so confused. and why are they called Mexicans still then if they are born here? You going to label them Mexican American too?

and You know how many hours I would sit, You mean I can only pick one? I would pick both or as many colors as I saw. That is not allowed,they said. I have to pick one. I started crying. So am I suppose to chop part of myself off? if I am not black and I am not white, what does that make me? I STARTED CRYING TO GOD! WHO AM I?

I also think maybe that is why I chose JESUS, He is the only GOD I know and the only language I speak too! I know no other GOD,I know JESUS is GOD! Jesus told me Him and God are ONE and who do you call Creator these days? This is another thing that confuses me I cried to GOD again!

Ah thank you Daddy! He told me! He said I AM that I AM! AMEN!


I do pray many go click this video and watch it all the way until the end. Have a blessed day!. (click here to see video) The truth is the TRUTH MY FRIENDS!


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