The devil

Just a repost of something I wrote, carrying over to this new page.

Jeannine Stokes

 The devil is real my friends. Something out there, and call it what you will, But it comes to make you hate, It comes to make you overdose on drugs, It comes to get you addicted. it comes to toss you in jail. It comes to promise you lust in three days,


It comes to lie. it comes to steal. It comes to make you have sex with random people (fornicate) so you die of diseases. it tries to get you isolated, alone, desolated. It tries to get you to murder. To seek vengeance, all so you can just die my friends.

There is no joy in these things. There is pain, and agony and hurt. it is a life of loneliness and sorrow. Call it what you may, but the devil came seeking who he can devour and he is doing it to many and quickly.

Find God now my friends. Whether you believe in God take a good look around at the evidence all around, and see if I am lying.

Just like the devil is real, God is also my friends! God still until this day heals, He still provides. He still loves, and shows mercy on thousands who love HIM, God is the same God today, tomorrow, and forevermore!

Why worry about heaven and hell when you can be tormented right here on this very earth? just the same as you can find God today, here on this earth. Call on the Lord and be saved. This is what the Word says. Find God! I speak truths because I love you, up to you to believe it!

God bless everyone, I pray God help many of us move forward, in Jesus name Amen!


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