The all knowing

Recently I have been blessed? (not sure yet) and privileged to sit with all knowing men. (coughs)  Excuse me, I must have a cold or something.  Anyways something I have noticed, the all knowing do. They are always right. Not to say they are not,or are, BUT you know, it is good to know facts but assuming things about peoples gets many in trouble.


I place God, as all knowing in my life and I apologize who this does offend, and trust me it seems to offend many. When you tell people they are not the smartest, something in them seems to anger. I may be all types of stupid. But at least I have a brain. Can I not learn? and If I can learn, and you can also, can anyone ever come along and be smarter then you? I do not claim to be wise, and quite truthfully, this is why I lean on God. Helps me greatly, when I just trust in God. Rumor is all who believe in God, and Jesus are dumb for those who don’t know.


It seems to me, some people do not have that level of faith, and they have to prove everything.  Well I guess in my over all observation on it, is We are not all made the same? But again since I am not the smartest in the world, perhaps it is my thinking that is tainted? Either way, it makes me abundantly happy to TRUST GOD!


There was once a religion I studied, and honestly I don’t remember exactly which one, because I looked at quite a few, but one teaching I loved was, they say their God is all knowing and they don’t even to bother or fret things like the end of the world, They trust their God. I still until this day, think that is amazing and when I sat and considered things, I realized I do the same thing. Trust GOD, Trust Creator, Trust Jesus.


Trust science, if that be your belief.  Whatever your belief be, we all walk in some kind of faith. I chose to trust the LORD, and honestly consider it quite amazing and a blessing to do so. To all the all knowing, I bow to you. I salute you. You are better then me, wiser, and there now I said it!! So can all, the all knowing people, flee from me!! For some reason for me being really dumb, Why do all the all knowing flock to me, with their book knowledge? I am all types of slow motion, and can not comprehend this part. If any know I would love the answer please!  Seems to me if you are so smart, Why waste time trying to correct little old me?


Either way this conversation made me smile writing it! I love everyone. I pray the Lord open people’s heart and just give them something new in their life. and prayerfully fill us with more wisdom. God bless us dear people!


Sometimes I feel blessed by all knowing people for regardless of their pride, I am not a babe in Christ, and you would be amazed what a humble person can learn, even if they do not speak it!  It is almost like God brought me the animals one by one to name!! I mean for a bunch of men to come rushing me their theories. kind of like a blessing and a curse really. Guess a matter of what side of the fence you sit on.  🙂 (Selah! Jesus loves you!) One bad thing about “most” all knowing people. They assume so many things, and half the time are wrong. This conversation was really a random thought, after my last few days of activity.  I pray all people I encountered get peace with in them and that they may be able to also feel this peace like I have from it all!  Who knows ,the Lord works in mysterious ways!!! I am done for the day!  Blessings from God!! all God’s children of the world!

Food For Thought

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