Thanksgiving for the LORD

Today is a great day the Lord has made! I pray many people take a moment and just rejoice in the LORD Always! never a chance like now, as in everyday to just take a moment and thank GOD for something. Today I am thankful for a list soooooooooooooooo long I have not the time to write it all in public. A great thing to do each day. Just thank God for everything! God is wonderful and Thank God for today!

If you don’t know God, it may be hard to thank GOD, But there is never a chance like now, then to say I am sorry God, I want to do good. Then ask the Lord to help you do good. GOD will start showing you. There is many things to be thankful for my friends! This is a true story. The more you know GOD the more thankful it seems you are. Anyways I thank GOD for all things. I even thank GOD for the ones who don’t know GOD. It is time for us to all start thanking GOD! Have a blessed, excited day in the LORD! Come and see what everyone is getting excited about! A wonderful party GOD is having for all the people who turn to GOD!

Jesus is salvation! All eyes on GOD!


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