Terrorist in our own country

How about we discuss the heroin addict number that is growing in our country? let them nuke us, I mean why act like you care if we die? Cities being over come by a terrorist right now as we speak, an enemy lives with us and it is killing thousands daily, and we let in our country. so what be the point in stopping a nuke from hitting us, if you care not how many people are dying of drugs? There is an epidemic of heroin using going around. There are many homeless dying every day. how about we try battling some of this terrorism in our own country? Why look at others willing to kill us, when we care not if we kill ourselves? Can anyone answer me with some sound logic? I fully admit, I am not that smart but this world does NOT make an ounce of sense, and I seem to be one of the only who even sees or care.

The rate our country is going we won’t need anyone getting even with us. or coming after us. Don’t worry guys we taking out our own self. and what the drugs don’t get, the AIDS will! and all the black guys saying black lives matter rapping to their own people, telling everyone to have sex with lots of people. But good job because many color people follow them rappers and they leading everyone into a HIV infection party spread around, and while you’re AT TURN UP!

Soon many jobs will open. Grave digger will be the new top labor. Because the way we heading won’t be long until we take out our own self. Open your eyes people. REAL TALK!

Food For Thought

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