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The battle is real

More so then fighting a battle against high powers. lets not forget the battle of the flesh that each human on this planet goes through my friends. the human nature can be wicked. it can be haughty, in can be prideful. it can cause the destruction of men. it can destroy the unity of family.…

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God heal your family

Ever since the beginning God saw man was not complete standing all alone. So it is said God made man in God’s image. and God was all alone. So God created a world of God’s own and God made all things Good and evil, all things creepy and crawly and there was even darkness, and…

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Marriage Restoration

Dear God I pray you help many overcome harden hearts. I pray you bring two people together united, on one accord, in one flesh, in one spirit, in one unity. To your faithful marriage. I pray you restore the houses of many God. I pray you restore marriages, Friendships. I pray take away our stony…

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2 minute love?

You love me when we make love? So how long does your love last? 2 minutes. half an hour? NO THANK YOU! I want a love that last a lifetime not an orgasm! and begins with more then a hi we just met can we sleep together? NO THANK YOU!   Sorry this is not…

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Revenge, Hate and Anger!

Anger- You can dwell in hate but it won’t get you far. Stress kills. Let go and let God is what many people say, although you will not find this written anywhere in the bible. In my life the things I have learned, if you hold anger in you it kills. it destroys, it eats…

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Where you at strong men?

Any man can throw punches. Any man can cuss and speak foul words. A real strong man is humble. You know how hard it is to bite your tongue? Most will not. Where are all the strong man at? I use to kill people with my words. That was soooooooo easy! I pray many stop…

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Random thought.

Treat others how you wish to be treated goes hand and hand with, put your self in some one else’s shoes.  Take time to see things from other sides, and you might be able to pull the mote out of your own eyes!

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The Word of GOD! So in love!

Your Word comforted and comforts me daily! it soothed (soothes me also!) me! it saved me! it healed me! it brings me new life daily! it guides my feet! It strengthens my heart! It empties my soul and fills it with gold!  It renews my spirit! it sets my heart on fire for you. It…

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