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Guilty as charged- Punish me!!

I love everybody. but sometimes I just have to get away. I think all people should find time to be alone. To meditate. I say pray. But whatever, sit down and put your life in order. When you examine the story of Jesus you see the guy was always caught praying. I understand this. The…

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Lies? Quick question.

Do lies get you caught up? Thou shall not lie. Said by JESUS and also Old Testament. Thou shall not bare false witness. it is for YOUR OWN GOOD!. God’s laws (commands) are not so God can be a hater my friends!!! It is for LIFE unto us!! God bless!! <3 <3 Proverbs 12:13 The…

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So confused part one, Help?

Ok so I saw this one floating around on face book and it has me puzzled. ┬áCan anyone help me? Americans seem to suffer the same problem. Michelle Stokes shared Britain First‘s photo. 1 hr And yet we Americans are so greedy (so they say)….. Hmmm something does not add up. Glad to see I…

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