Adult Context-Random Thought

I once was faithful to men. In fact probably one of the most devoted women around and it got me no where. Now my devotion is to God and there is peace and happiness. I could never buy and no relationship ever gave me and that is just truth. I don’t want to go back to worldly relationships and that is just truth.
Nobody in the world wants a devoted woman, they want thots and ho’s and when a good man or woman comes along they are overlooked and walked all over, like trash and that is just what this world has become. For all the people seeking love, just love God. God won’t ever let you down. He lifts you up in your time of need and gives you peace and joy no man or woman can give.
God hears our tears so if you’re lonely, marry Jesus. Even if you are a man, marry God. the spirit is invisible and is sometimes considered a women through out the bible also, so whoever you are, God can be your mate and in the hour we live in probably will be the best relationship around! pray to God and ask God to help you. to take away sexual desires. and then you won’t feel so lonely.
Get a stuff animal to hug. Turn off that music that tells you, you need love in a man or woman and you will do good. In the hour we live in it is not wise to keep having sexual partners. Not sure it ever was, but I do see why we should marry. so many meeting strangers and trying to turn love, out of one night stands, with people you are not even compatible with, and if you had just got to know each other, you would know this. but we all want sex and then we want to live happily ever after.
nobody even knows what love is. most people lust and call it love then end up miserable later.
two are better then one, and if you are alone just pray to be strong. You can’t hug your self or hold yourself, but for the most part God makes it all worth it. better to be alone with God then to be in dead end relationships. P.S. get a dog or a cat or an animal, if you have to, something to take away the loneliness. Get a hobby, again pray and ask God to take away the desires. Seems to work well in my life. I confess not always but for the most part works a great deal more then it does not.
This advice is not for everyone because most people will just succumb to lust and would rather hurt then refrain and that is truth. masturbation has to be the lesser evil, to fornication. At least people are not dying from masturbating but they are from having many partners. again I would pray God take desires from me as I did and I thank God for answering prayers!
Random thought and prayerfully it can help someone out there.Go ahead and judge me. I do not care! Real advice for real people. Hear me or don’t! Shalom!

Being single with a purpose!

Handy things to do while you are single waiting for your Queen or King to arrive. I have been single many years and honestly I think I am a pro at it. I fully admit, for the first few years, I probably sat around and booo hooo myself to death. I got depressed and wallowed in self pity. It was not pretty and neither did it get me anywhere.

But I had been in a bad relationship for 11 years, playing wifey to a man who would not wife me. I am faithful regardless, and even though he would not wife me, I fell into role of wifey. I am not playing house with anyone, anymore. No fornicating, Sorry, I learned the very hard way. I want nothing to do with anyone who will not marry. Too old to play games and wait around for fairy tales.

Either way, after a few years of being single, I realize those 11 years had me locked away in a box, and somehow over night the world had changed. People no longer wanted to commit. Everyone wants to just eff and do all kind of things, I won’t write about. To each their own, I am not a judge. But I do have say over my life, and I myself don’t want certain things around me.

So I decided I would not settle. This turned into a few more years. But I was stuck in a circle of self pity, depression, I packed on many pounds, and was not happy with myself. So I said what the heck. I am not dead yet, and neither will I let this guy kill me. See even though our relationship was over. I was stuck in stinking thinking, from being abused for so long, and so I said I will not let this man win. I started exercising. I lost a lot of weight. I started working on me.

The more I worked on me the less I want a man. For honestly no offense, a man against you is highly over rated. I love myself before I love you, and no I am not selfish, but If I don’t love me first, then I allow you to do whatever you want to me, it does not work out for my best interest. Sorry fellas since I do love me, and think of me. How would it be if I let someone into my life who does not think of me, as I do?

I mean if your man is not with you, is he against you? and honestly who really wants to be sleeping with the enemy? I know I don’t anyways. To all the men and ladies out there who are single. Instead of trying to find a mate, put all that time and effort into yourself. That way you can be single with a purpose. Buy stuff. Work on projects. get in shape, exercise. make your self more appealing, so that way you will not be broken for the next person. Just some good advice to any who will take it. I love you. it’s time for you to think of yourself, as I do. Real talk! God bless the readers, and I pray God fill many with wisdom and a will to LIVE, Shalom dear people!

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Pillow hugging the couch! Cold!

This story is written like I am a dad to their son. Roleplayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Woot woot! 😀

Son. when you get older don’t ever piss your wife off. Learn to get along. Consider her feelings. These feelings are monsters son and they will eat you up if you let them. and they have a mind of their own. If you ever make your wife angry she does evil things like make you sleep on the couch.

The couch is lonely. It is cold. Nobody to cuddle with. To be warm. My son when your wife kicks you to the couch, it is better then in the streets, but you did your wife something wrong. We have to learn to respect Mommy’s feelings. Your Mommy will be your wife when you get older. I do not mean your physical Mommy son. I mean the woman you will marry in the future,

All women have emotions son. As men we need to learn to make Mommy’s feelings better!

Ok Daddy, How do we do that?

We put Mommy on a pedestal. We ask her how her day went. We tell Mommy she is beautiful. We do things to make Mommy happy. the couch is soooooo lonely son. The best place to be is in your wife’s arms. She has a nurturing spirit that soothes us son. It is golden and priceless and we do not ever want to fall from our wives grace. Because when Mommy gets angry it is hard sometimes for Mommy to calm down. So as wise men we put Mommy above any others. Then Mommy will make us a happy home! My son this is good advice to take with you through out life. Woman made the world son, and all men came from a Mother’s womb. So we treat our wives special son. We actually show respect to all ladies. Take this lesson with you son forever and let it be a blessing to your life!

Thanks Dad and I will.!!! Father and son hug each other and son takes this lesson with him the rest of his life. Gets married and lives happily ever after with His wife! Thanks Dad for teaching me how to make Mom happy! I am happy because of this teaching. The couch is a place no man should be! Wise words to any who want to learn how to be a productive couple.

To be continued with my family series. Lesson 102 God bless people and I pray God help many of us bring back family values! To make God happy and us people also! the couch is lonely. That is all!


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