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No faith?

I once was down in my life. I needed change. Things were not right. I had no options where I stayed. I needed change. So I prayed. I left a town and went to a place I knew nobody. I have faith. I told everyone I was leaving. They said I was crazy. You can’t…

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I AM- Social Media!

I AM social media! I AM a star! I AM famous! I went to college. I AMĀ  skinny. I AM liked by millions of followers. I AM important. I AM beautiful! I AM a super model! I AM social media. I AM a Christian. I AM super religious! I AM perfect! I AM a fight…

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Tree of LIFE

Water our branches, make them grow. Plant us a new Kingdom GOD here on this earth, so that we may be your people. Call in your lost sheep God. Lead us to green pastures and good soil and plant us a new garden GOD. Water us with your WORD. Feed us and guide us, I…

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