Strong men

God I pray that you help change the hearts, and minds of many, and that you give the ones who speak wisdom and knowledge, strength to continue to lead many to truths. Continue to let them lead the way, and to lead us by truth. Give them strength beyond measure, Give them courage unimaginable! Thank you God for all the people in the past, the present and the future to come who love us enough to lead us through war. to teach us in bad times. To keeping going when we are hurting, to look beyond the bigger picture. I thank you God for wise men, and noble men and men with courage and wisdom and I pray in your name God that you help rise up a nation and generation of men who will continue to think of us people. Even if the whole world be evil rise us up Kings ordain by you. In the name of truth that lives forever I pray Amen! Shalom!


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