Striving for Perfection

Who is perfect in this world? we are only perfected through God. it is His Holy Spirit that leads us and guides to all things. One’s intentions and goals should be aiming to strive for perfection. although be it, these things will never be attainable in this life time, and even if for a second you live in perfection by who’s eyes are you perfected? This is why we never abandon God and the sooner we learn that the Better we are. This world is a battle and a test and It is God’s Spirit that holds us together. I pray many people run to God a lot sooner, for even though we are not perfect it sure does help perfect all our god awful ways about our own human natures. I pray many do not have to learn things by bad experiences. because it is a truthful comment. Sin comes with pain and punishment even if the eye does not want to see this message or the ears want to hear it. It does not matter you find out the hard way. The reason why we suffer is because we are hard headed and one day we will see the Comfort is in God. The peace is in God. Our whole existence is in God and when we start to put God first we see this a lot sooner then later. I pray many come to God as children and then learn to not run away from Him. I learned this a very hard way and I am not glad that I sinned, but I am glad now I know how to use this to better God’s Gospel and to also help a great multitude of people of how to get better. it is just do they want to receive or not. I pray we all aim for perfection even if it is or is not achievable what harm there be to do so trying? we can only better our self by this, and this is a true testament! God bless everyone and I pray all have a blessed beautiful day in Jesus name Amen!


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