STD’S Infections and what not

I see most people’s mentality. A lot of people have given up on the middle generations. They are calling us lost, and hopeless, and honestly, I can not blame them. But there is still hope for our youths if we teach them. I really pray people start looking at the studies and statistics in STD’s and DRUG ADDICTIONS. Prevention is key. And if this world does not end tomorrow like most think the next generation WILL BE A SCARY THING!

People start taking your kids to Church. Teach them manners. Teach them how to keep their mouths shut. Teach them to keep their noses in books. Put the Word of God in them from a very young age. Read it to them in soft spoken voices as a baby. This truly is a warning and some life saving advice. because whether you believe in GOD or not. DOES NOT MEAN HE IS NOT REAL!

If you can not believe in God, believe in the devil and if you believe in the devil then you have to believe in GOD. and even if you believe in neither. Do you believe in evil? Can you see evil deeds all around? Do you see all the natural disasters all around? All the sicknesses? and what not? Hate to tell you, but this is all talked about in the Word of God. So for your children’s future and their children’s, children if there even be any chance for them.

Someone seriously has to start making a generation of leaders. You do this by reading to them. teaching them things. KIDS LEARN SOOOOOOO MUCH BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN THREE! if you don’t have time to raise kids properly. Then please close your legs because abortion is NOT THE NEW CONDOM! and seriously how many abortions will you have before you just say hey maybe I should just close my legs? Seriously. I am your friends and if I have to scare you to death for you to stop killing babies, and think about your life, then I will.

You know many woman catch infections from abortions. many have caught illnesses and gotten sick from something gone wrong in them surgery. You know sometimes if you have too many you can really ruin your insides, then when you are older and want kids you will see too late , can”t have any then you will cry. regret and remorse is of the saddest things in life, and you can’t go backwards and change things.

You know it is called irrational thinking to just have unplanned sex. it leads to unwanted babies. diseases, being raped and death, ALL TYPES OF THINGS! They use to tell to us, if you play be prepared to pay. You do not hear that message anymore. But hey just thought you would like to know some facts while everybody keeps playing with fire. You are probably going to get burned, and I do love you enough to tell you. I really pray this message help many think about their actions, BEFORE THEY HAPPEN! PREVENTION IS KEY AND SO IS EDUCATION!

God bless everybody, Go ahead get offended by this message. I could really care less. So I love you enough to tell you truth. Sorry I am thinking about your life and I do pray one day my words save you, prayerfully sooner then later. Lean on God. That is my advice to any who will hear. and to the ones who Don’t I pray the LORD go after you and chase you down and show you how real He is, in Jesus name Amen!

I may not be the brightest in the bunch. But when someone gave me life saving advice. I CALL THOSE PEOPLE FRIENDS! I know, but today’s times we all putting on our chapstick to kiss the wrong person’s fanny. But let someone try to save your life. They get hung on a cross and thrown rocks at. Called all types of things. At last! I am finally normal! What the hell is wrong with you people, is all I am thinking? Seriously man, when did evil become the new good, CAN ANYBODY TELL ME?

Lord Jesus I thank you for taking this beating for us all ready Lord, Now I ask you help us fight against this evil, in Jesus name Amen! Lord you see all this stuff around me, help me just call it out bold as I ought to be. Lord let them not be offended by my words, but Let it be a help meet to draw them to you GOD, in Jesus name Amen!


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