Sorry for your Lost

I was praying last night and this was on my heart. I pray God lead the one who He had me write it for to read it. Anyways not really sure who this was for but when God speaks I listen!  Shalom!

The Lord spoke to me there is someone watching who has recently experienced death in their family. To you I say I pray that God give you strength and courage to go on. That He give you peace and comfort to go on. The Lord created us all to live and die and I want you to know right now your Mom is ok. God wants you to lean on Him. That things that happened are not for you to understand now. But one day in your life all things will make sense. God said be of good cheer and lean on Him and He will get you through all things.

Also the Lord spoke to me someone out there with a drug addiction is watching. I want you to know God will take away your cravings He will give you all strength you need. You will not die, you will live, and God will give you all the strength to walk away from all those things. He said He sees your tears, He hears your cries.That hurting and suffering you feel right now inside the Lord will take from you. He loves you and He is sorry you went through the things you went through. But He wants you to just be at peace. He will make Himself known in your life. You will have dreams and confirmation. The Lord will visit you. Everything that you have been praying for God is going to help you. He will not leave you or forsake you. I pray the Lord just comfort your soul right now and strengthen you greatly. God delivers and heals. Not sure who that was for but God placed it in my heart to speak on it.

I pray many draw near to God and let the LORD comfort you! Jesus is real and He will manifest himself in your life! Have a blessed day family and friends and whoever reads this! Shalom!

The Lord is also going to visit someone over the next few days He will make Himself known to you!


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