Sometimes you have to make some noise. Sometimes you have to speak up. Sometimes you have to be loud. Sometimes you have to be the voice. Sometimes you need to be silent. Sometimes you gotta run. Sometimes you gotta walk. No matter what you do, always keep your head up!!! and your eyes on God. That is my advice. Life is not easy and we all have to get out of this make believe concept we have of life. Life comes with problems. It comes with hurt, with pain and suffering. Life is not always peaches and cream, but these are the things we never speak. I am not trying to down people, but life is worth living! If we all only talk about the positive, then the people with only negative never have a hope, for we see the other side, and we don’t believe in rainbows, and love and perfect romance and all of that stuff. We been abused, we been abandoned, we know no  love on this planet!. We live the other side.


So easy to talk about the perfect man, the perfect woman, the perfect job, the perfect family. the perfect religion. am I in a closet? Where does this perfect life exist? Seems to be only in the media. or our television. Not in any neighborhoods I know, or ever been in, or visited. In my life the only thing I know is God and that is perfection to me and I will admit crazy. uneducated. dumb, naive, and all things worldly people want to label me! But seriously with my eyes and the things I see, the things held together are only by those willing to work with others.


And honestly to be perfect together does not mean we have to look the same and be shaped the same. if one thinks about a wheel. You need a rod or something to make the wheel roll. You need someone to push it, or a mountain to make it roll down. or someone to carry it, or attached to a car. a wheel by it’s self will not move?  Maybe nuts and bolts is a better comparison. is a bolt anything without a nut? I am sure there would be some who could argue but do nuts and bolts fit together perfectly? and together they serve many purposes? I encourage you to think more of this on your own, just food for thought! Anyways I am logging off. I pray the reader be blessed and filled with God’s love.  Shalom!

Food For Thought

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