The Word spoken. I pray many people out their examine their bibles just a little but perhaps a lot. From beginning to end GOD is and was and always will be about LIFE. I pray the Words I say draw many people to all things Godly. Because God’s house is not divided.

The Word of GOD unites us and brings us to Christ. There is more to be said about this but also, I have been speaking on many years. We will also speak on this later. I pray everyone out there have a peaceful beautiful night and the LORD be with all and fill many with joy. That He comforts you with joy. Let’s please all come to GOD! Don’t forsake the assembly. the laws of our land, our governs and rulers. The LORD be with us all honestly. Because we are in a sad state. I pray many of us just set our eyes to GOD!

The mystery of the bible is it has always been about our hearts, Nobody can force anyone to read. I pray God fill many with compassion and wisdom and understanding and the Lord be with many and help a great multitude of people draw near to God.  Have a blessed day to everyone reading this.

Shalom. That is a great word to look up. Even feels good just saying t. Try it!  Good night dear people! Jesus loves you and says for people to follow Jesus!


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