Seek the Lord wholly!

In enlightenment to my my post I wrote today. Which I found I have done a whole serious on it. It seems so I link them today.  Today on facebook I posted, The Lord sees our hearts. And as I was moving things around on my page, I found this post. Since they both seem to fit so perfectly together, I reshare this post. I pray it bless and enlighten the reader and Help you see, can the Spirit have a sex? I have done a post on that also,in the past, I will post soon. Since we are on this. I wrote this just so people could think.  I pray many discover the Spirit of LIFE with in us.


Seek the LORD WHOLLY so that you will find HIM. Seek Him I say, WHOLLY! WHOLLY! WHOLLY! For HOLY IS GOD WHO EVER CAME!

Whether it be She or He GOD only came HOLY my friends JESUS is the only name on this planet that leads to truth WHOLLY I SAY! and all who seek with their WHOLE HEART! Shall find GOD INDEED!


it has always been written many ways, different ways, different season all for GOD’S PURPOSES PLANS AND REASONS!

Seek God today my friends. Seek Him diligently. Seek HIM earnestly. Do good deeds and follow GOD! REPENT! You can not forsake anything that IS GOD’S! Neither do I come in that message! All things GOD ever spoken and wrote STILL APPLY UNTIL THIS DAY!

Anytime people want to discover the mysteries. the Knowledge the Wisdom the Blessings it is, and was and has been always written for people. Do you know at one time people could not even read nor write?

They use to draw things in pictures and this was their language and God advanced them so much! He taught people everything they ever knew and who they are GOD MADE ALL THINGS!

All people will know the LORD’s name and HIS will on that day, and every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess HE IS GOD OF ALL THINGS AND IN THE FLESH OF ALL PEOPLE! What god are you serving my friends?

Are you doing things wicked? Is your heart hardening? Are you angered at God? Are you holding onto hostile feelings? These things should not be. Love my friends, is the answer to EVERYTHING!

God does not love evil. Evil kills all things of GOD.. If GOD did not come the people would ruin them self. For they are vain people. Never can they see past people. They are all selfish for they think of people. They do not think of GOD WHOLE!

Do you consider the birds? The bees? the planets? The universe? the things beyond our eye sight? Beyond Human measure, even human comprehension? Do people even know all these things are connected? And if God allowed people to do whatever they wanted a lot of things beyond their imagination would be destroyed. This is the things God revealed to me.

Does this sound like a lie? Do you think I am smart enough to figure out the mysterious of the Gospel? and even if that was possible, how would such things be attained? Would it be from reading? Now I see many read and yet have no understanding. I also see many with much wisdom, but do not humble, and then some do not have any love at all. and others are loving things they should not be.

So what is the truth? Is a Book of Instructions (Word of God) the only thing that seems to be speaking any wisdom at all? any knowledge? Now they say it is not needed, but oddly my own eyes and the facts in this world line up perfectly to the WORD. But yet they say it is not needed. THIS IS LIES AND I CAST IT INTO THE LAKES OF FIRE WHERE IT WILL BURN FOREVER WITH ALL LIARS AND FALSE PROPHETS!

You can not take anything from God my friends!!!! that is not even possible. I do pray once again the people seek GOD WHOLLY MY FRIENDS, FOR HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! THE LORD OF LORD’S IS HIS NAME! THE RULER OF EARTH THE PLANET ALL THINGS THAT PEOPLE CAN NOT SEE MY FRIENDS! The truth is the truth! IT WILL SET YOU FREE! I pray many see it, for God forbid, He come like a thief in the night and the people are not prepared.

Please do not let the evil thoughts of your own heart lead you to think anyone is above repenting. All people. All nations all colors and creeds have to make a choice to serve GOD. The Ruler and Maker of THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!

This message is for the people. Everyone has ears, so I pray you all hear it. For what be if the end is here my friends? What end is that? The end where people decide the ending? Will they do things to make God happy or not? Will we live today, like tomorrow is promised to no one?

God is not about murder. He is not about greed. He is not about one color. God came FOR THE PEOPLE! It is truly best for the people to be wise, and listen and do things to make God happy. Sorry my friends, see if you believe this message or not. It does not matter. I Michelle Stokes  (<–Interesting story to go read- clickable link) will not move one finger to get you to believe.  Although I have moved all my fingers to pass this message on.

You can believe or not it doesn’t matter. We all do have free will, But who is free and who is not. Many are in bondage from the lies of this world and I pray many see JESUS came to set the captives free. Be blessed by this knowledge.. For the truth is the truth, is the truth my friends! God bless everyone Draw near to GOD! All eyes on JESUS! He is the only way!


Again this was only posted in regards of this post. (The Lord searches the heart!) I posted earlier today!  Shalom family in God!  If any of my writing be interesting. Or even comforting or anything. I invite you to follow me for daily writing, whatever that may be. Could be many things. Songs, praise, bible reading!  Speaking Life! <3


All for God’s glory.  Again this was not to any religion or any such thing, not to say it even be true. Search, consider, and pray, think meditate on the Word of God for answers! . Just food for thought!  Have a blessed day dear people!

Food For Thought

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