Satan Bound

In order for Satan to be bound people have to speak truth and that isn’t even happening, most people don’t even know the truth, and then the ones who do are so worried about heaven they will not even rebuke sin. They will speak Jesus, but won’t even mention the ten commandments. They get all holy to exalt them self then they do not go after the sinner. They don’t visit the orphans, the elderly are forgotten, we won’t even mentioned the oppressed or the ones in poverty and the Lord said on that day, He would separate His goat from His sheep. The problem is so many wolves in sheep clothing, then they all smile pretty and think they are going to heaven. Faith without works is dead and anyone who believes in God should be walking in not only faith, but deeds also and it is a sad day because nobody is doing deeds. If we were the world would NOT BE THIS WAY and this is the truth I tell you! Have a blessed day!


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