Rock on with the Devil! Party on folks!

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Rock on with the devil! party on!

Oh please do slit your wrist. Here eat this candy, gain 5,000 pound and just hurry up and die. You can do whatever you want Jesus loves you and please don’t pay any attention to your life at all. Just hurry and die off to heaven you go? WOW! and this is the message the world gives. Oh don’t correct them. We must say please and thank you and bow all curtsy to the devil. Oh please satan would you like me to do anything else for you? What other lies shall we tell the people. If we use a soft subtle voice and speak in all type of fancy words the people will think we are for god. High five devil you are awesome! here boys and girls eat more candy hurry and die. Jesus loves you, in the meanwhile

Families are broken, nobody even speaks on these things. oh if you don’t reject god you can not be with Jesus I mean to reject your parents is rejecting GOD. I mean even Jesus says Honor your parents, but the message we receive is, oh leave everybody and lets go to heaven weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because somehow people have convinced them self these things are godly. and the devil rules the world and so many are rushing off to go to heaven not even realizing they are being lead straight to hell. it is ok keep closing your eyes to the rest of the bible. I mean God only wants us to think about our next life.

We can just abandon our parents in nursing homes. Never think of them. God forbid we wipe their butts. I mean because if they had not wiped our butts where would we be? Oh you don’t have to get married, fornicate with thousands of people. Hurry folks, hide the statistics don’t let anyone see how quickly the HIV AIDS number is growing. We won’t mention these type of sins. We can make weed legal then they will be so high they won’t even see their lives slipping away, party on folks. They don’t believe God so they will not see how in the days of Noah the people kept partying and drinking and taken with the flood. Oh we will teach them being taken is a good thing and not mention the bible scriptures where Jesus mentions the flood. Oh Jesus says keep on sinning, rock on and just party on folks weeeeeee. off to hell we go, all being lead blindly.These are the messages of the world.

We will not speak God. Oh no, His commands don’t exist, Jesus washed them all away with His blood. We can all steal and lie and kill and do all things evil and not talk about the outcome of our actions or the repercussions because Jesus loves us. and they mock God daily and don’t even know it.

A backwards message I give, because they do not know God’s glory, none have sought to seek His face. if so these things would not be and this is truths I tell you. I pray all people wake up, in Jesus name Amen!


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