Resist the devil

Resist the devil and he will flee.

Now I wonder if it will ever come a time when God’s chosen people will stand up and rise and come to understanding in the things that should be. Many people give the devil way to much authority in their lives, when the authority was given to us.

When will we say devil you have no ownership on my life and you have no authority or dominion over me? I am a child of God and I will say wind be still, and it will. So many lean on the devil instead of God, then wonder why they are stuck in the same circles. Have you ever danced with the devil on a pale moonlight? Most still do in broad day light.

We as children of God need to recognize the power God has given us to overcome. This is a spiritual battle. and most of the times we battle our thoughts (flesh) and the flesh is wicked. Your thoughts will say, I can not stop.I can not quit. God says, say no and let it be done. Tell the devil he is a liar and move on.

So many are quick to lean on Jesus for forgiveness, but when will we ever walk in the authority He gave us.

When one claims the spirit of infirmity, then that is what one will be. I can’t quit my addictions, (sin) the devil keeps attacking me. My friends, trust me when I say, this is just a lie and it is one of the many tricks the devil will use to keep you doing it.

One last time, is one of the devils most powerful statement. One last times seems to lead to another, and another and another and 10 years later, one last time is still there. Every time you do it you have not stopped but just prolong things. It is good to just say no and let your nos be no and then say devil you have no authority in my life. God gave me authority to say no and I mean it be gone!

Sometimes it is not as easy as one thinks to just stop something, but start saying no. even if you sometimes fail. ten no’s is better then 100 yeses. Eventually if you keep saying no, your no’s will be no, and no will be no more.

Pray to God for deliverance. He can remove people out of your life who don’t belong there. He can take cravings and desires away from you that are keeping you in the circle with the devil. Surround yourself in the things of God and then watch the devil flee.

Church is important for people battling addictions. it really helps to be around like minded people. Even if you think Christians are doing wrong, how many of them you see flaming up drugs, drinking, and partying in Church. I do not know any churches that do such things. So if you are trying to avoid evil, Does church sound like a place to be? or does one keep hanging in the circles the devil hangs in.

The devil is not your friend Nor does he want to let you go. He wants to keep you in his circle so then he owns your life and your soul. Anyways I pray many people become aware of the things Godly so that they may have a chance in the world. This is my prayer and I do pray seriously this help anyone out there in some type of way n Jesus name Amen! God let this be a blessing to any in Jesus name Amen!

We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you GOD! #GoteamJesus! Hoorahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 🙂 I love you, God loves you more! Have a blessed day friends!

James 4:7 (KJV) Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.


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